2 - Shy in Shire

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Shy in Shire

When money started to disappear, Tarnon needed to move. Anyway, a week of intensive gem-working, gold-shaping and evaluating gave him enough skill. So he parted with the bearded folk and with a warm in the heart he saw, as they smiled when saying goodbye.

Lying Low

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Here I sit by my camp fire writing my thoughts. I should be in the Pony right now, lounging in a chair by the fireplace with a nice pint, but it seems my stay was cut short by an unexpected visitor. Curse her name, whatever it is.

Gone Fishing

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*Written sloppily as if by a drunk hand*

What luck I've had of late! That young Watcher, Baymon I think he was called, was hefting around a fat coin purse the other night in The Pony as if begging for it to be cut from his belt - the fool. I would have cut it myself if it wasn't for the fact he blathered on about going fishing at Halecatch lake that evening.

The Wolves in the Hills


The fields of Bree-land have long been peaceful, but when winters lengthen and the nights grow cold, when the food is scarce and Men lack for honest work, the good turn desperate, and the bad turn cruel. 

These are the tales of the brigands of Bree-land and those who hunt them. 

Negotiations 101

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Artwork: Drawing

Trying to reason with a man who wields two daggers could be bad idea.

I am the artist.

An arrest Richard oversaw.

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((Disclaimer: There is no connection between the guards used in this story and the watch proper.  The events seen here are not connected to any of the established watch kins.  The only reason I use Guards 1,2,3 etc. is for naming purposes and nothing else))

In the early morning, a sleepy town's citizens faced the dawn of another day.  Richard was no exception, as he woke up to have his breakfast and the routine of putting his armor on.  Out the door he went, and to the jail house he'd go.  

VII. Chieftains diary

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Prithbo and I were sitting in our room after venturing into chetwood for information about wargs. It was still the room which we rented before with a window on the wall, between the two beds. There were still cracks in the wall. Prithbo took seat on a chair in a dark corner of the room.

Greetings Traveler!

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Screenshot: General screen

He stands on a bridge paved with stone -

With voice of friendly tone-

He requests a tithe, and hints at demise-

A bow and sword - ever at side.

"Come now good fellow, no need to die!" -

The bandit is verbose.

For what  use is coin, when arrow is let fly-

And one can no-longer-boast?

(Another attempt at a silly poem for a picture.  >_< )

Reclaimed Innocence

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Daerundros sighed as she trotted a few amble paces away from the main road and through the darkness of the night. Grass swayed too and fro relaxingly as she made her way through hills and plains, watching the stars distantly with a distant expression on her face. There was always something unexpected about the Bree-lands, Daerundros had come to expect; Oftentimes she would pass by small cottages and farm-lands, and even more seldom could she see a flickering light within; Many instances a mother putting her child to sleep, or a father in deep discussion with his wife.

Outlaw's Journal - "Ariagne Yarrow"

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A/N: Greetings Everyone. Some of you already know who I am, some don't. When I first made Adelainee I thought, "Oh, it would be so cool to play an Outlaw!" And you know what? Instead of going for the stereotypical Brigand that only cares about Money and running from the law I decided to add a little flair and colour to this new character ;) Adelainee keeps this journal, from an ICly point of view, to record the behaviour and her thoughts towards the victim's she's captured... interaction, personal opinions, observing the victim's personality.

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