Company of the East Road

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To promote roleplay in the wilderness, on the road, and all the magnificent locations of LOTRO game world. To get involved with other existing RP kins to support their themes and actions and to generally bring the roleplay community into life.
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The whole of World Map
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~As the Third Age waxes ripe, and Darkness looms in from abroad, still the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, before a cool pale night bathes the Great East Road in shadow. No light springs forth, the great waystations that once dotted the highway long having passed out of memory. For those travelers as still journeyed on it, they were now at its complete mercy, and wherever it had mind to guide their feet, it would. Unlike it was from the North-South Road, now called the Greenway, for it had not yet become so untrod as to be grass-grown and feral; the lands it stretched through were not yet as hostile and debatable. Companies of dwarves and other folk of commerce were still to be seen, as well as the long-limbed Rangers, silent and grave in their passing. If the great mountains of Middle-Earth were as veins, then the great roads were as capillaries, from which the life-blood of all free folk did flow. It was in sight of this great import that the levies were raised in Bree and in Dale and the Company of the East Road was constituted.~



For who?

Tradesmen, scouts, mercenaries, bards, explorers, hunters, travelling scholars, warriors... many varying kinds of players find their place in this kinship.

Because all races and professions use the Great East Road, the kin is therefore open to all players. This feeds into our goal to provide a populous hub for multi-varied roleplay, be it in Laketown, Bree, beneath the twisted and misshapen boughs of Mirkwood, or adrift and amiss in the Lone Lands.

We currently have our own strong narrative with weekly meetings as a kin, which provides for hardcore and light-RPers alike! Our Company currently holds markets, secures contracts, buys and sells in-game materials, escorts caravans, aids others on the road and much more. 


What does it take?

There are no requirements or obligations to join the kinship, only that you have a heart to share your adventures, imagination to create new ones, and enough knowledge of the lore to make it work in the world of Tolkien. A little bit of flexibility takes you a long way.

We believe the potential to roleplay out in the world is great, so where-ever you are, whoever you are with, to join in RP should be as easy as joining a raid or an instance. Let us make it so!


Deorla in-game or via the Laurelin Archives

Already in a Kinship?

Contact us anyway for possibilities to create stories and factions for your own kin! We run kin-to-kin storylines when it occures. These storylines last for as long as you may need them and we'll do our best to enrichen the experience for all involved.  

No matter who you are or what background, all player types are welcome to roleplay either as part of our kin or with us wherever we shall meet! 





Aevo Aevo Deffin Hobbit
Aevwyn Ivy (Aevwyn) Clearview Hobbit
Alderenhelm Alderenhelm Man
Altheric Altheric the Fisher, Altheric the Red Man
Amaken Amaken of Dale Man
Anastasiar Anastasiar "Ana" Man
Arvelien Arvelien Starfire Elf
Bexly Bexly Bell Man
Davamir Davamir de Beauchamp Man
Delrinhelm Delrinhelm, Thane of Hytbold Man
Deorla Deorlaa Man
Eanswithe Eanswiðe of Rohan Man
Edelinia Edelina, "Edel, Ede, Lynnie, Lina"Oaksey Man
Eiradelia Eiradelia, Delia Flood Man
Eldralir Eldralir Kwessemae Elf
Elsophorin Elsophorin Dwarf
Elthhelm Elthhelm Man
Firebryn Firebryn Man
Gisuna Gisuna Ironpelt Man
Kalloriel Kalloriel of Lothlorein Elf


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