The purpose of The Laurelin Archives Webportal is to provide the community with a place where players can share their work (stories, screens, artwork etc.), plan events and present their characters and kinships. One visit should be enough to get a good idea of what's currently happening on the server.

The site is based on The Argent Archives, using its very successful concept to bring the same service to The Lord of the Rings Online server of Laurelin. This was done with permission from the webmaster of The Argent Archives. Great thanks to Alabast from us!

- The Laurelin Archives Web Team

The Laurelin Archives

The Laurelin Archives website is in essence a database for players of The Lord of the Rings Online role-play server Laurelin where you present your characters, kinships and other assorted work, as well as search for others' work.

The website is in some ways represented in-game by the old census books of the Kingdom of Arnor, recovered and protected by the Elves of Rivendell. The in-game kinship The Grey Repository ICly maintains the archives and is made up of the website team. What is to be considered written ICly in the census books and what is on the site OOCly is up to each character individually, try to keep this in mind and avoid invading others' privacy.

Show the server who you are

All you need to join The Laurelin Archives is a valid email address. Once you've registered you can create your profile, post stories, events and images and link other characters and stories to yours with the simple double-bracket tagging system.

Privacy and Security

The Laurelin Archives is a tool made to enhance the In Character (IC) experience of the game. To ensure that nobody can understand who your alts are you must therefore register a new account for each character you have. Your email is safe with us, but we recommend not using your Lotro password! Remember to only add what you want others to know of your character. Most fields in the profile are optional. Note: If you post anything made by (or largely inspired) by others than yourself, give credit to the creator using a link, or the content might be removed. Examples: Artwork, lyrics, etc. (Artwork and lyrics deemed too OOC will be removed in accordance with the "OOC and IC" rule.)

OOC and IC

We hope to unite all roleplayers on Laurelin. We do not judge good or bad roleplay. We accept and respect all forms of roleplaying as long as it is in line with the SSG Policy for Roleplaying. Whether you prefer to spend your time raiding, committing crime in Bree or questing randomly or (prefer to) play LGBTQ+ characters, matters not. Since views on roleplaying are as diverse as the characters and players of Laurelin we have opted to keep the portal as in character as possible. For example, ABC code for in-game music is not allowed. Only a minimum of out of character options will be available. Examples: Links to external websites involving artwork credits and polls for how to improve the site.


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