Lying Low

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Here I sit by my camp fire writing my thoughts. I should be in the Pony right now, lounging in a chair by the fireplace with a nice pint, but it seems my stay was cut short by an unexpected visitor. Curse her name, whatever it is.

Gone Fishing

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*Written sloppily as if by a drunk hand*

What luck I've had of late! That young Watcher, Baymon I think he was called, was hefting around a fat coin purse the other night in The Pony as if begging for it to be cut from his belt - the fool. I would have cut it myself if it wasn't for the fact he blathered on about going fishing at Halecatch lake that evening.

Part two 1: CB

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The light of the candle was enough for Fiontann to read Aeirillen's report as he sat on the chair, holding the piece of parchment in his right hand, underneath of which was laying a silver coin.

Greetings Traveler!

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Screenshot: General screen

He stands on a bridge paved with stone -

With voice of friendly tone-

He requests a tithe, and hints at demise-

A bow and sword - ever at side.

"Come now good fellow, no need to die!" -

The bandit is verbose.

For what  use is coin, when arrow is let fly-

And one can no-longer-boast?

(Another attempt at a silly poem for a picture.  >_< )

The Blackbent Family.

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

This is more-or-less, reference information describing his relatives briefly.

Father: Harold.

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