The Team

The LA Team Introductions:

Aeruthuil - Administrative Manager and Developer


I am Aeruthuil, though most of the people here know me simply as David. I have been a member of Laurelin for a very long time, ever since the game was released to the public, and begun roleplaying shortly after. At first I did so with a close-knit group of friends, afraid still of roleplaying out in public. Over time I met many wonderful Laurelinians who helped me overcome my fears, many of whom are still visibly present within the community today. I have learned a lot throughout the many years I've been present in the overall LOTRO community and it has expanded my knowledge on Tolkien's writings and the game's workings.

In real life I'm a father of one, and work as an Officer Firefighter with our Fire and Rescue Services, and while I have spent most of my college time being trained in Uniformed Public Services, I have also studied Game Development/Design & Programming, and briefly done Laboratory-work related studies. In my spare time I usually spend most of my time roleplaying or busying myself in other ways within the community, or draw epic one will ever see..

Should anyone ever have any questions or is need of aid in regards to the Laurelin Archives, LOTRO or anything else, you are more than welcome to contact me at any time of the day.

- Aeruthuil


Khalis - Lead Moderator

Mae Govannen,

I am most commonly known as Khalis Imieran on the Laurelin server where I have enjoyed many years exploring all that Middle Earth has to offer. I originally came to Laurelin after starting on the Snowborne server which I left after I discovered that the player base there did not really role-play. I started my online gaming many years ago with a game called Ultima Online back around 1999 where I was a server volunteer and also served as part of the role-play community GM team. It was that game which developed my love for MMRPGs such as Lord of the Rings Online.

In my professional life away from Middle Earth I am an aviation engineer working in the realm of rotor-wing aircraft which keeps me very busy, but which over the many years has given me a great number of skills and experiences!

Above all else I love creating and bringing things together through team work, nothing gives me more pleasure than bringing out the best in others. This is what brought me to the Laurelin Archives for it is here that the role-playing community of Laurelin comes together in one place. I hope to serve the site to the best of my ability and look forward to it seeing its future develop and if I can be of any help please get in touch.



Gaeded - Community Reporter

Westhu hal,

I am Gæded: on Laurelin I am mostly known as a shieldmaiden of Rohan and the second-in-command of the Black Steel. I have been playing LotRO since 2015, though I really started getting involved with RP in late 2016/early 2017. It was in fact the Laurelin Archives that inspired me to get over my initial worries about roleplaying and helped me immerse myself into the Laurelin RP community, so I am honoured to be part of the team that keeps the site running!

I have loved the world of Middle Earth since before I can remember. My father would read both Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit to me since I was a few months old. I remember as a child my wild imagination would take me off on adventures with many characters of the books. Now I get to go on adventures and explore Middle Earth further than I ever imagined before.

In the real world, I am a university student, studying medieval history. Alongside my love of Lord of the Rings, I have a passion for medieval history, specifically the Anglo-Saxons and my love for it has led me to become a medieval re-enactor – I am currently part of a group that focuses on Anglo-Norman England in the 12th century. I find that being a historian and a re-enactor helps my RP and makes it more realistic.

If you are in need of aid, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,


Runderic - Community Reporter

Hello there,

I am Fiontann. I have been in the game since 2013. I started LOTRO for RP and I met great people throughout this time and have done lots of RP around Middle Earth. I have my Kinship in which I mainly RP, but I always welcome people who want to take part in. I enjoy creating events so that people RP and get close. Progress their characters through that RP, many times bring them to their limits through hardships and realistic RP, sometimes exploring grey lines too! I have tried to be part in all kinds of RP in order to get to know more people and expand my circle. I am trying to read as much as I can Tolkien's works, not only because it's an awesome world, but because it will also help me with RP and that will allow me to help others with it, especially new RPers that want to learn. I am not an expert, but I will gladly help with what I can.

In real life I work as an archaeologist . I enjoy it, I dig (like a Dwarf) and record human activity from the past. I love reading and watching stuff, as well as listening to music. When I am not lost in ME I try to do other creative things, even via watching or reading things. I enjoy playing board games and do other kinsd of RP, like in DnD or other games.


If anyone needs any help don't hesitate to reach me, I'll do my best to help!

I truly hope that what I want to write here will spark people's interest and prompt them to RP stuff from every day scenes to mysteries!

Stay safe,                                                                                                                         Fion


Haeneth - Community Reporter


I'm Han, short for Hæneth, my main roleplay character on LotRO since before I moved to Laurelin from Landroval in 2017. I first started roleplaying in 2000 on AOL Instant Messenger, and I’ve never looked back. Since joining LotRO in 2007, this game has given me some of my fondest memories, my favorite stories, friends I’ve had for years, and more I continue to meet every day.

In real life I am a writer by trade, a writer by hobby, and a writer at heart. A member of the Tolkien Society and a former volunteer archivist on the Tolkien special collection at Marquette University, my love for Tolkien’s work goes far beyond the game, but it is the game in which I find the most compelling interaction with his world.

As a Community Reporter I hope to use my research and writing to emphasize the unique intersection of book lore, game lore, and player experience. The Tolkien fanbase is exceptional in the way it continues to nurture and encourage each other through scholarship, creative endeavors, and simply supporting an ever-growing community, and LotRO is no exception. It is the community that I care about most, and the Laurelin Archives has always been an invaluable resource in support of the Laurelin playerbase. I am honored to be a part of the Team.

I hope to write articles that inspire players to interact with the game world in new ways. If there are legends you would like to hear, sites you want to see, or stories that you think are deserving of a spotlight, please reach out. I am eager to hear from you.

My best,


Retired LA Team Members:


Calenon - Founder and Technical Administrator


I'm the brains behind this operation, whatever the others may say! ;) I was hugely inspired by the The Argent Archives, and wanted to extend that same service to my fellow roleplayers on Laurelin.

Only having dabbled with webdesign previously, making this site without knowing what I was doing was a fantastic learning experience.

- Calenon

Amorey - Community Lead Reporter

Hamlock - Creative Consultant and Administrator

Kheith - Graphical Designer

Erihael - Moderator

Erinwyn - Reporter and Moderator