(Please be aware this is going to be a Med-heavy RP. So it wont be like RP you see before the Pony, but instead more serious in character)

Greetings reader! 

As some of you might've noticed there is a large growth of Orphans in Bree alone since the war against the Shadow. Well the build of Orphanages by Lady Joselle Long from Gondor is greatly appreciated, the Orphans lack a supply of toys. 

Enter Dale, the city just bordering Erebor, east of the Misty Mountains and the dark Mirkwood. That city creates toys perfect for these kids. Thus we need to get a caravan together and travel the road once travelled by Thorin and company. To get us toys for the Orphans in Breeland. It will be a dangerous road, but it be worth it! 

Though we still need to discuss who and when! Send me requests via letter (I ask Barliman everyday, so you can just give it to him). And keep an eye on the Billboard for when it is planned to go!


((To find a right date for, please send me (Valkoin or Aevwyn) an ingame mail. If you have me via Discord, you can do it via that aswell,))

24-02-24 [more]

An ordinary propaganda poster hanging around settlements of Bree-land:



Contact your local Town’s Hall or other local authorities in your settlement. Ask for a referal to the Company of Braves. We are currently seeking skirmishers, saboteurs, engineers and frontier veterans.

The weight of glory is matched in coin.


With this referal, you can now contact Haradraug IC and OOC for more information.

10-02-24 [more]

There are three things in life that certain: Death, Taxes and Hand of Numenor will always be open. Join The Hand Today! the beacons are lit, Brave wanderers, steadfast rangers, and proud Gondorians you destiny awaits! Engage in epic RP events. Dive into riveting campaigns. Build bonds that endure. For Glory, For Gondor!

4-01-24 [more]

By my authority as Master Merchant of the Merchant’s Guild, I hereby formally announce the Commoner’s Committee! At the behest of the ever gracious and wise Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch, we have formed a committee under the purview of the Merchant’s Guild to represent the interests of the common townspeople of Bree and its neighboring villages. The matters of economy that the Merchant’s Guild discusses affect everyone in Bree-land, so it is only fair that the common townspeople who will have their trade affected by these matters also get a voice in our Merchant’s Guild Council Meetings. Registered members of the Commoner’s Committee can not only speak freely during our council meetings but they can also propose petitions for the guild’s consideration. So please feel free to join the Commoner’s Committee! The only requirement to join is that you are a resident of Bree-land. No entrance fee required! Such opportunities to actually make a difference in the world only come once in a lifetime. So don’t waste such a chance and claim your destiny today!

Yours Truly,

Master Merchant Frimsi Gembeard


25-09-23 [more]

Sign reads: The King's Folly will be shut from the 9th of September until the 12th of October. Upon the return of the proprietor on Friday the 13th, the shop will reopen as before. Vincent will be present hereabouts on September the 8th ere the shop is shut, if you would like to place an advance order or to wish him well on his journey to the South. Many thanks to all past and future guests of the Folly.



The wine shop does appear to be closed with no sound of life within. Once each week at a time of her choosing, a maid named Leodnia Musgrove walks up to the door with three iron keys to unlock and tidy the rooms within.

During Vincent's absence those who have mischief, misfortune, curiosity, or something stranger in mind are invited to contact anyone associated with the shop to work something out.


Vincent the owner: Laurelin Archives (Derakoth), discord (adrian_cross)
Syaven the barmaid: Laurelin Archives (Syaven), discord (syaven)
Liric the bard: Laurelin Archives (Liric), In game Post (Liric)
Leodnia the maid: In game post (Leodnia), discord (rossetti.)


8-09-23 [more]

Name: Deorla

Alias: The Shadow Prowler


  • Race: Man 
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Appears to be in her mid 30
  • Height: Approximately 5'8" (173 cm)
  • Hair: Raven-black
  • Eyes: Piercing blue
  • Distinguishing Features: A small scar with an eyepatch on the left eye.


  • Murder of a ranger of the north.
  • Multiple Counts of Burglary
  • Intrusion into Secure Areas
  • Theft of Valuable Artifacts and Treasures
  • Grave robbing

Reward: A generous bounty of 50 Gold Coins for the capture or 25 Gold Coins for information leading to the arrest of Deorla. Approach with caution, as she is known to be agile and cunning.

Last Seen: Deorla was last spotted in the Treslebridge in North Downs but is believed to move frequently.

Danger Level: Considered highly dangerous. Do not attempt to confront her alone.

Contact Authorities: If you have any information regarding the whereabouts or activities of this individual, report to the local Guards' Headquarters in Bree or send a raven to the Captain of the Rangers of the North.

The safety of the realm depends on your cooperation.

[An official seal or emblem of the ruling authority is visible at the bottom of the poster]




29-07-23 [more]

Calling all vendor's master Geoadoc uphill appointed dog show guild leader is seeking vendors for a dog show event in September.  He is seeking all from the different races of the free people please send him a letter in-game if you can assist.  Also, the judging panel is looking for more judges for the event send a letter to masters willywinks or hartten or Master Geoadoc for more details.

PS. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us before the 17th of September thank you.

25-07-23 [more]

A new group has been rumoured to operate throught out and Bree under the cover as members of the Ale Association. The identities of these individuals is currently unknown and citizens are advised not to cross these individuals after a series of alarming reports of strange behavior and allegations of criminal activity.

One individual under the unconfirmed name of "Khargur Grymhand" also known as 'The Undying' is rumoured to represent the organisation; and it is advised under no circumstances should any citizen seek to approach this individual and should contact the local authority immediately. 

22-06-23 [more]

For the crafting of windows, vessels, and jewelry. Custom designs available.

Mentored for 10 years under the watchful eye and guidance of renowned glass smith Ellis Rushlight.

Broken glass accepted for barter or trade of other goods.

For inquiries, send post to Jocelynn Alderwood

8-06-23 [more]

-- The lettering is in bold, dramatic strokes to grab a potential reader's attention. It's some sort of warrant or flyer written and posted on a notice board or wall here and there in Bree-town.-- 


The wild youth known as SAHIR (family name unknown) is hereby wanted for questioning and to face strict punishment.  As of this posting, he has been served warning and in avoiding trial he will be punished.

He is a short boy around nineteen winters of exotic appearance and may hail from Harad. 

GOOD CITIZENS who assist in his arrest/detainment or capture will be thanked. 

The crimes of which he has been convicted of are as follows: 

- Petty thievery 

- Mischief 

- Harrassment 

- Defacing private property

- Disrupting the peace 

- Assault on a Member of the Watch

- Loitering and Trespassing 

- Refusing to appear in court 

- Reckless behavior 


- As well as any possible other misdeeds that may have occured since this posting. 


SAHIR is demanded to turn himself in to recieve punishment including (but not limited to) corporal punishment in the form of a public flogging on the backside (number and implement at jailor's discretion), fines, community service of no less than six days and a FORMAL APOLOGY to the citizens of Bree-town. 


AS A REMINDER, good citizens encouraged to discipline the youth to sharpen their minds and keep them respectful of authority to prevent such instances like these. 

2-05-23 [more]

Greetings one and all! 

The residence of the Roseblood family has recently been renovated, and is reopening as a public library that will be open to all!

It is asked that you be polite to, and courteous of, other patrons in the hall, and that you do not leave with any materials without first consulting Idhval Roseblood, the library's curator. 

Please feel free to visit at 8 Long Street, Asting, in the Bree-land Homesteads. If the door is unlocked; you are welcome!

OOC: After returning to the game I decided to convert the old kinship house into a public rp forum. Everyone is welcome and able to visit. Feel free to make use the space at any time.

27-04-23 [more]

An elaborate parchment notice is displayed on

every broadsheet board in Bree-town:


7-03-23 [more]