Laurelin Archives Rules & Regulations


  General Rules

- Never share your personal information.
- Respect the staff of the Laurelin Archives.
- Do not post extreme mature content. Keep it PG-13.
- No sexual content of any kind, keep swearing to a minimum, no intense violence or gore.
- Plagiarism of any kind is strictly forbidden.
- Be considerate of others; post no more than 3 posts in the same catagory in a row.
- Keep IC and OOC separated. See 'About' for further information.
- This site is for IC use only, unless otherwise specified. OOC content will be removed. The Laurelin Archives is an IC site but will will accept some OOC comments in support of the bulk IC element, but this should be kept to a minimum.
- Do not harass and discriminate any member of the Laurelin Archives. This includes; offensive/toxic behaviour and language, bullying, stalking, threats etc.
- While we at the Laurelin Archives encourage creativity in writing and character development, we strongly believe that any form of hate speech, homophobia or discrimination, IC or OOC, has no place on the Archives, regardless of the (presumed) setting of Tolkien’s stories. Any discrimination in IC or OOC writings will be addressed under our anti-discrimination and hate speech rules & regulations.

If you are being harassed by another member, contact the staff of the Laurelin Archives through our Contact Form or contact one of our Moderators directly.

  Images & Copyrights

- If you are using art that is not your own, always provide a name and source to the original artist, and a publicly accessible link to the source post of the artwork in question.
- Links from Google, Tumblr, Pinterest, (ect.) are not reliable sources.
- Using photographs of people is prohibited.
- Using photos of animals/nature/structures is allowed. Remember to link sources if it’s not your own or a link to the site if it’s fair use. 
- If you are using music for your page, source the name and artist.
- Editing/copying/tracing/remaking another's artwork/photos does not make it yours. Always link the source.


If you're not certain if an artwork or writing complies to our rules, please contact the staff of the Laurelin Archives through our Contact Form or contact one of our Moderators directly. 

All rules are arbitrated by the web-team and reserve the right to change/alter the rules if necessary.