VII. Chieftains diary

Prithbo and I were sitting in our room after venturing into chetwood for information about wargs. It was still the room which we rented before with a window on the wall, between the two beds. There were still cracks in the wall. Prithbo took seat on a chair in a dark corner of the room. Not really my choice to read and investigate a book, but yeah...I'd prefer sitting by the light of the window with the warmth of the morning-sun in my face, but it wasn't.

While I kept staying, he turned to the last pages of the diary. After a little while, his face become worried and very concerned. He grasped: "oh dear..." He looked to me. "They are going to do an attack on Combe in the next days." He immediately resurrected, but I did not want to run just into the blue with any other clues. "May I get the diary for a short moment?" asked I. He gave me the diary and only for the first time, I really looked to the diary...It was a green book with an empty cover...Rather old, already 15 years or something. I opened the book and on the first page has the brigand written his nickname in the common speech. 'Dogwood' 

I looked on the first page...

24th of January in the year 3002 of the third age

It's cold. Snow, everywhere...I cannot keep my farm anymore. Too many costs and it is full of snow here. The nearby wood is empty and even there we nearly do not find anything to eat anymore...I am impecunious.

I am already for a long time hesitating if I should join that band there in the forest. I do not know how they manage it, but they have what I don't: Food! If I don't want to die in the cold snow, they will at least accept me. I am sure of it. Bree accept nobody anymore..."we have too many mouths to feed!" are they saying.

Obviously, this diary began when this chieftain joined the blackwolds. He was forced and attracted by the food, rather than by sitting in the snow with an empty stomach.

I looked more in the diary, until I found something very interesting looking:

4th of August in the year 3008 of the third age

Today, something special happened. The blackwolds allied themselves with men of the north, the Angmarim! And it was an honor that I, Captain Dogwood and overseer of one of the districts of our headquarters, was allowed to attend this event. And to confirm our alliance and the possibility to be trusted, they gifted us two wargs and they brought them from their homeland to here in Chetwood. It was a male and a female, not only used to fight, but to breed as well.

I looked to the hobbit and he seemed to be very upset with my tarrying, but I found it essential to get all this information from the book. For that, I was rewarded:

7th of December  in the year 3013 of the third age

Our strengths are grown very much. This day, we got a new warg. The she-warg gave birth to a third warg. The first one was fair-haired with blue eyes. Though that day, we were not so lucky and the warg seemed to be lame. For that, they called the warg simply: Lamepaw. That was some 4 years ago. But two years later, a new warg was born. This one had yellow eyes and a grey fur. He loved playing and that made us, the blackwolds angry. We did not want to have a playfull warg which loves games! We want something terrible, we want a calamity! So we mocked him and called him 'Game Bird'. Unsatisfied by this result, we were going to try to breed a better warg once more. But this one seems to be alright. Much more dangerous, black furred and with red eyes of the death, we called him after the insisting of our wolf tamer Morgulf. the name should be based upon an ancient word morgul and means death. We are very satisfied now. We will try to breed more of those wargs, but I am sure that we can raise in several years already a strong attack, led by Morgulf and his two brothers will fellow...

On an other page, I read something relieving...

21 August in the year 3018 of the third age

After some time, we begin to realize that she will not come back anymore. The she-warg left the headquarters for hunting, but that's already days ago. I does not just run away. And the more I think about it, the more I suspect that she's killed somewhere. I do not know who did, and how he could, and why. How did the eventual killer even knew of her existence? It seems that we cannot breed wargs anymore, unless we breed Baucharg with a common wolf. Half-wargs are way less powerful, but it seems that there's no other possibility in these circumstances. Perhaps the wolf can be kept on the farm of skunkwood...But anyway, I am now sent to find any tracks of our lost warg. 

Now I was very curious how this was going to end. I turned some pages and arrived by the last ones which were filled:

This is an insult! how is this possible!? Today I found the lost warg! But she's dead... It is strange...I investigated the corpse and she's obviously shot down due of two arrows in her neck. I jerked one of the arrows out of the neck and looked to it. this were no common arrow, this was an arrow of the dunedain. and I looked somewhat around me and I found a sign. with gracious letters there was written: "Be aware travelers...It was not alone..."

((see the warg of chetwood by a man called Sigfread. this is inspired by his image.))

I confidently closed the book. Prithbo was now tapping for quiet some time now. "Alright then, I think we know enough." I nodded and he answered: "Let the warg hunt begin!"