Legacy Archive

Legacy People

People from Laurelin's past.
Gwenfern Gwenfern Honneyberry Man Deleted
Erolamir Erolamir Man Deleted
Fainonhil Fainonhil Man Deleted
Mertonn Lord John Merton Man Deleted
Dolgbrasi Dolgbrasi Dwarf Deleted
Riichard Richard Man Deleted
Jaesper Jaesper, or Kustig Man Deleted
Yullie Yullie Birchwood Man Deleted
Rosellynn Rosellynn "Rosie" Farrows Man Deleted
Aelash Aelash Tolion of Mirkwood Elf Deleted

Legacy Kinships

Kinships from Laurelin's past.
Istari Nalmë Elven Disbanded
The Fateless Wanderers Mixed Disbanded
Talan Reeger Elven Disbanded
The Hawthorn Shelter and Refuge Mixed Disbanded
Blades of The Forgotten Mixed Disbanded
Enyalie Elven Disbanded
[Deleted] Man Disbanded
Eglain Man Disbanded
The Traders of Waymeet Hobbit Disbanded
Order of the Boar Man Disbanded