Legacy Archive

Legacy People

People from Laurelin's past.
Mornwi Mornwi of Felegoth Elf Deleted
Sosie Sosie Firebrand Dwarf Deleted
Valerra Valerra Man Deleted
Aerinion Aerinion Fealdin, Elf Deleted
Vyrassu Vyrassu Thrakrim Man Deleted
Lavenwise Lavenwise "Laven" Lillyfold Man Deleted
Shauhelm . Man Deleted
Hagley - Man Deleted
Eohrick - Man Deleted
Murna Murna Man Deleted

Legacy Kinships

Kinships from Laurelin's past.
Blades of The Forgotten Mixed Disbanded
Merchants of Bree Mixed Disbanded
House of Thangard Man Disbanded
The Eglain - Legacy Mixed Disbanded
Edain o Ithilien Man Disbanded
The Shire Bounders Hobbit Disbanded
Talan Reeger Elven Disbanded
The Lone Dunedain Man Disbanded
Warband of Imladris Elven Disbanded
Piercing the Shadow Man Disbanded