Legacy Archive

Legacy People

People from Laurelin's past.
DyrhildrLegacy Dyrhildr Man Deleted
Hathdegdar Hathdegdar Longblade Man Deleted
Lourie Lourie Svana Man Deleted
Gollsarn -- Man Deleted
Gukmuz Gukmuz Goblincook Hobbit Deleted
Tyelcie Tyelcie Elf Deleted
Anonymous Brookin Crepsley Man Deleted
Maedryn Maedryn, 'Mae,' Calder Man Deleted
Tailia Tailia Kolten Man Deleted
Oydis Oydis Man Deleted

Legacy Kinships

Kinships from Laurelin's past.
For Wrath and for Ruin Man Disbanded
Folk of the Last Homely House Elven Disbanded
Ingólemo Luinë Man Disbanded
The Fateless Wanderers Mixed Disbanded
The Mithril Guard Dwarven Disbanded
Istari Nalmë Elven Disbanded
The Shire Bounders Hobbit Disbanded
Mor Kathotaar Mixed Disbanded
House Sahyn Mixed Disbanded
The Bree Watchmen Man Disbanded