Legacy Archive

Legacy People

People from Laurelin's past.
Anonymous Catte Man Deleted
Velsirien Velsirien Elf Deleted
Dorabel Dorabel Baker Man Deleted
Gilorien Gilorien of Ossiriand Elf Deleted
Damosel Damosel "Dam" Endistriss Man Deleted
Juvenile Rhoswen Gwawr Man Deleted
Bretthera Bretthera Willowdye (Seacrest) Man Deleted
Milisandia Milisandia ’Mili’ Rosespell Man Deleted
Galvina Galvina Garenaer Man Deleted
Ilnornil Ilnornil Ninquië Elf Deleted

Legacy Kinships

Kinships from Laurelin's past.
The Eglain Company Mixed Disbanded
Pindon Village Hobbit Disbanded
Traveling Merchants Dwarven Disbanded
Western Watchers Mixed Disbanded
House of Thangard Man Disbanded
Mor Kathotaar Mixed Disbanded
Forgotten Shadows Man Disbanded
House Blackfyre Mixed Disbanded
For Wrath and for Ruin Man Disbanded
House Halatir Elven Disbanded