Lying Low

Here I sit by my camp fire writing my thoughts. I should be in the Pony right now, lounging in a chair by the fireplace with a nice pint, but it seems my stay was cut short by an unexpected visitor. Curse her name, whatever it is.

A few weeks ago I snatched up a few coins from that woman and it seems fate has found me deserving of a knock of bad luck after giving me so much good fortunate of late. She was traveling along with a parcel in tow along the East Road towards the Knotwood Village out in the homesteads. Honestly, she proved to be a lack luster mark despite how enticing her parcel seemed. Her package had nothing but bread and yarn of all things in it, but you would've thought it was a family heirloom or some great treasure judging by how pig-headed she was about handing it over for a peek. I would've preferred a merchant or someone with more jewelry at least, but I suppose her petty coin will spend just the same. The whole affair would've gone much easier if she wasn't so stubborn about handing over what she had so I could "inspect" it. I tried to do things the easy way with her and be as friendly as I could be, but she wasn't having any of it. She saw right through the usual "there's a toll on this road by edict of the Mayor" gimmick and the like I usual pull on the foolish outlanders and travelers. At least I can say she was no fool.

Once it looked like she was about to run for it, I had no choice but to become harsh with her. I began shouting threats and drew my bow on her, and of course she began to cry out of fear. I can't stand it when the tears come out. All my blustering was to scare her, I had no intention of firing on the woman. I'm not a thug like those Blackwold dogs and I'm no monster. I have standards.

Fortunately, she wised up but not after giving me an earful. She claimed she was a crippled and levied the usual insults I've heard before; however, her words regarding how my parents must've felt about what I did stung me slightly. What does she know about my Ma and Pa? Nothing! My Pa hated me, he threw me out! The accident with my brother was just too much for him. He always favored Ben over me anyway. My Ma, well... she was always there for me, but she was always trying to tidy up my Pa's messes. Bah, here I go drudging up those old memories. Best to let sleeping dogs lie. Nevertheless, that woman knows nothing of me or my life. How dare she make claims she knows nothing of!

Regardless, I ran into that woman in The Pony the other night briefly. I hoped she wouldn't recognize me, but I don't see how she could've: I wore my hood and mask. Did she some how recognize me from my voice or some other thing I did? I have no clue how she made me out, but she did. It was strange though, she didn't say a word to me while I was there infront of her. It was only after a friend of hers, some sellsword woman I think, approached me not too long after being seen at the bar and accused me of robbing her friend. I denied it of course, and I can safely say that I have never had a woman threaten to take my most private and treasured jewels so vividly as that strange swordswoman. Why she even accused me of hurting her friend! The fool. I never laid a finger on that crippled woman! Why if I wasn't having to keep my neck out of the noose, or rear from the jail cell, I would've given her a piece of my mind. She even claimed to have told the Watch about me and that they would pursuing me for this.

Stranger still, Cat approached soon after I managed to talk that craven swords-woman off. She secreted us away to a private room, not for anything fun mind you, but rather to talk about the fact I was allegedly a dangerous criminal sort. Ha! I may do criminal things, but a danger? Hardly! I've got standards and rules for myself unlike some. She still seemed to talk at length about the issue and started into a complicated story about rats and cheese and how she has rats come and give her cheese... It was an odd story, but I think I understood what she was implying. She's more of a criminal than I having folk come pay her to keep their secrets just that - secret. Either that or I misunderstood what she meant. Needless to say, I offered her my friendship in turn for her own in these matters, but instead but she rejected me and my offer. I suppose I can't blame her given that I believe she may have figured out that I was the man on the Greenway Bridge who  sought to hold her up for coin. Honestly, Is my disguise so faulty that I am this easily made by folk? There must be something I'm missing.

The last thing Cat told me before she wandered off was to watch where I slept. I took the hint that I would either be at danger from her or someone else if I remained at The Pony. After this meeting I swiftly packed my things in my room, paid my tab and turned in my room key to Barli, and was out the door to saddle up May. Fortunately the road and weather was clear for me to be on my way to make camp in the South Bree Fields for now.

Hopefully all of this blows over soon. In the mean time, I will camp and go hunting... I figured I might as well act the part of humble huntsman if someone is to come calling.