We Band of Brigands

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Freyga, Garbold, Neyarra, and Chadley call out farmer Al to dem

The Wolves in the Hills


The fields of Bree-land have long been peaceful, but when winters lengthen and the nights grow cold, when the food is scarce and Men lack for honest work, the good turn desperate, and the bad turn cruel. 

These are the tales of the brigands of Bree-land and those who hunt them. 


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Artwork: Painting

So this is the best image I could find that matches her, thanks to Sigfread! Take away the steam punk elements and the cloak and shoulder pads and that would be her without disguising her gender. 

Welstan's First Arrest

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Welstan stands over his first arrest since returning to the watch. This man stole a watch man's blade and then threatened him with it. So we were forced to knock him off the steps of the Pony... That had to hurt.

Report - Criminal Mischief at The Prancing Pony

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Official Document

Late in the evening, three men entered the Prancing Pony and began to engage in revelry. This activity continued to rise in amplitude until a minor scuffle arose. Jaspen and Comstock stepped in to calm the situation down but Jaspen was hit with eggs and Comstock was disarmed and threatened with a blade. This is when I stepped in.

[Erinwyn's Memories] Sleepless nights.

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Thud. Thud. Thud.  Time and again, the sound came in bursts of three from somewhere in the shadows of the Bree prison, in the area where the training dummies were kept.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Each time the vicious-looking axe hit home, the dull sound of metal upon leather-enforced wood filled the area.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Overhead to the right, overhead to the left, a clean cleave right through the middle.

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