Yule is almost here and this month we have an interview with miss Lina Willowwood, co-host of the Green Dragon Friday Nights!

“I'm terribly worried about her…” The hobbit muttered as he huddled near the fire under the eaves of the Old Forest. “You see, she’d been going on about ‘The Last Prince,’ one of Mr. Butterbur’s tales. It’s one of his better ones...but I’d say the tale isn’t quite the truth of it.”

News from around the Shire and soon all the world.



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Fearelhil Fearelhil Elf
Kimbell Kimbell Cutleaf Man
Direnne Direnne Whisperwood Man
Brannuild Brannuild Hestross Man
Olriandis Olriandis Elf
Aethirwar Aethirwar Elf
Glirondil Glirondil Elf