Within the heart of Eriador lies a quiet land of rolling hills and simple folk. To the untrained eye, Bree-land appears as an unremarkable patch of land, overshadowed by the grandeur of Middle-earth's renowned realms. Yet, to the perceptive traveler, this unassuming region reveals a tapestry woven by the men of Bree-land, an enigmatic community steeped in history and mystery...

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Lindamar Presents “The Flight of the Noldor” Elvealin Rivendell 1 month 3 weeks ago
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Moleena Moleena "Leena"... Man
Astuir Astuir Man
Maeltheon Captain, Maeltheon “Mael” Elf
Lithuiele Lithuiele "Lithie" Elf
Vakli Prince Vakli Swordborn Dwarf
Lilotea Lilótea, the Dryad Elf
Ancalimare Ancalimarë Ruinëmá... Elf