An arrest Richard oversaw.

((Disclaimer: There is no connection between the guards used in this story and the watch proper.  The events seen here are not connected to any of the established watch kins.  The only reason I use Guards 1,2,3 etc. is for naming purposes and nothing else))

In the early morning, a sleepy town's citizens faced the dawn of another day.  Richard was no exception, as he woke up to have his breakfast and the routine of putting his armor on.  Out the door he went, and to the jail house he'd go.  

At the house, almost none of the regular watch officers were there.  It was likely they were off in Combe or Archet, investigating something else at the time.  So, he asked for a few men he knew, who looked less than human, let alone savory.  but were quite qualified for the challenges ahead for the day.  In addition, they brought along a trained hound, along with the usual weaponry in case there was trouble.  Early on, there were no real problems, with the exception of the occasional jeering remark, or calling out of Richard's talking points in the presentation he gave a few nights prior.  

His plan was to increase the amount of guards in town with lessened requirements to get into the watch, such as stature and criminal records.  The criminal in question had to not be convicted of serious offenses, and have not committed anything else in a year.  Then there was the idea of a volunteer spy group.  The spies would have more power than civilians, but not nearly as much as the watch proper.  Of course there would be a proper night watch, since he believed the watch itself was spread far too thin as it was.  To fund it, there would be no taxes, but the looting of tombs and confiscation of goods from banditry.  Those who listened had said his proposal was a scam, and a disgrace to the town's name.  The people who said such things had a point:  His plan would need more work to revise his language.

However, now was not the time for ruminating on lawmaking for Bree, as there was a lawbreaker in sight at the time.  The man in question seemed to be a hairy sort, who resided at a large rock west of town, because he was homeless.  Richard stepped back, before nodding to the assembled armed guards.  

The following is a summation of the conversation between the 'guards' and the homeless man.


Guard 1: Hey, we need you to leave that rock.

Homeless Man: What's going on?  You people want to tell me what's going on?

Guard 2:   No vagabonds allowed on the road.  We've seen an increase of robberies west of town as of late.

HM (Homeless Man):  What're ya talkin about?  I haven't seen anything going on except fer a few folks comin ta town.

Guard 1:  You heard us.  You're not allowed to be staying out here.  Have you been to a campsite recently?

HM:  No.  I'm legally in my right ta be out here in tha first place.  If ya want me ta find another place, I'll grab my stuff.

Guard 3: Don't do anything stupid.

HM: I'm not.  Lemme grab my stuff here.  I'll walk.  I'm not gonna harm ya.

-Homeless man bends over to grab his pack, and something glints, then guard 3 shoots an arrow at the homeless man.-

Guard 3: Get down on the ground!  Hands UP!

Guard 1:  On your knees, now!

--Two more arrows fling from the other two guards, HM is struck down with one more-

Guard 2: Getcher ass up!  Drop the knife!

--Guards advance, then stab HM with halberds twice.  They pull back and let the hound chew on the now lifeless body--

Guard 1:  Get his hands behind his back.  --Guard 2 ties rope around wrists of HM behind the back.---

Guard 1:  Take him.


All the while, Richard watched with a smirk on his face.  He knew the vagabond had it coming.  How good it must have felt to kill someone again like that.  That scum probably deserved it.  No need to even bring him to the jailhouse because he was dead.  The guards with Richard, in his eyes, did a good job.

The rest of the day was uneventful overall.