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The Light of Hope

In this phial, it caught the light of Eärendil's star, set amid the waters of my fountain. It will shine still brighter when night is about you. May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out. - Galadriel


Middle-Earth Feast - The History Of Ent-Draughts

Have you ever wished to be taller ? Most hobbits do, I bet there are also some dwarves out there that would enjoy a few more inches. If you travel to Fangorn Forest, don't forget to visit Wellinghall, home of Treebeard - there you may find some very special brew called Ent-Draught. Have a sip, and enjoy your new stature. 


Winter Wonderland and Seasonal Wishes

Tis the Season to make Merry

The last few months have been host to many a gathering in the prelude to the year-end festivities we all so much enjoy. Let us remind ourselves of a few of them from the past few months.

A Month in Laurelin - September 2019

As the month of September progressed, the days began to get shorter and some days a chill could be felt in the air. Many people all over started to prepare for the coming of winter this past month. The community of Laurelin have been busy making their preparations too...

A Month in Laurelin - August 2019

August is the month of harvest and all over Middle Earth, crops and produce is gathered in preparation for the coming colder months of autumn and winter. The people of Laurelin have certainly been productive during this time...

A Month in Laurelin - July 2019

July has seen many sunny summer days this year and the residents of Laurelin have made the most of it. From the riddles in the Shire, to the tournaments in Bree, to feasts in Lorien and to faires in the lands of Rohan, as well as many other interesting happenings in day to day life, Middle Earth certainly has been busy!

A Month in Laurelin - June 2019

June is the mid-summer month of the year and with it comes many celebrations, meaning it is a busy time of year. Amongst the festivities of mid-summer, across Laurelin this June, many other events happened in the lives of the inhabitants of Middle Earth.

Middle-Earth: An explorer's Guide

From the rural and idyllic Hobbiton to whimsical and relaxing Rivendell and into the staggeringly beautiful Misty Mountains and beyond, this is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a land where legends are born. Explore Middle-earth with our guide on what to see and where to stay.

Welcome Spring

So it is told that when the world was young, in the far away land of Doriath, the birth  of the elven maiden Luthien was welcomed in the forest of Neldoreth by the white flowers of Niphredil that blossomed to greet the newborn babe as stars from the earth.  Every year, as the frosty grip of winter becomes to fade, we welcome countless flowers and plants in Middle-earth, signaling the arrival of spring.

Winter Blessings In Middle-Earth

Snow is just beginning to fall through the quiet winter forests of Middle-earth, as the last rays of the setting sun drifts through the bare trees, lending the day a peaceful and enchanted feel. The snow is heavy on the pine boughs and deep underfoot. Yuletide in Middle-earth is the most magical time of the year.