We Band of Brigands

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Freyga, Garbold, Neyarra, and Chadley call out farmer Al to dem

The Wolves in the Hills


The fields of Bree-land have long been peaceful, but when winters lengthen and the nights grow cold, when the food is scarce and Men lack for honest work, the good turn desperate, and the bad turn cruel. 

These are the tales of the brigands of Bree-land and those who hunt them. 

My days in the Beggar's Alley (Journal pages 1 - 16)

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(Rilanu, Age 7 shortly after adopting the Serpentborn as his persona)

Entry 13:(Everything prior to this is simple descriptions of petty thief coupled with minor bits of background about the characters mentioned here-after)

The Various Tomb-robber Bands of Evendim

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Official Document

((A parchment stolen by Umbaindes that she will show to any of her fellow tomb-robbers seeking assistance on the knowledge of the various Tomb-robber bands in Evendim))

The Southern Band
Tomb-robber Chief Glûragan
Location: Barad Tharsír
Description: Extremely dimwitted, stupid, and careless. A band that is easy to take items from. Mostly made up of men from the south. Has dealings with Half-orcs.
Sash-colour: Brown, with an emblem of a red goat on it.

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