Concerning Brigandry

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

It was an overcast day, darker clouds lurking in the distance foreboding rain. Townspeople began to trickle into the courtyard in front of the Bree-town Hall, many murmuring amongst themselves. Much of what was said was rumor, little of it cheerful. Finally one man, known to many around town as Tom Barleyshoe (a cobbler by trade), climbed up on a boulder in the lawn. “Good afternoon, fellow Breelanders and travelers alike. We’ve come here today to discuss the problems plaguing our fair land. Some of you may have heard tell of some of these ailments.

The Wolves in the Hills


The fields of Bree-land have long been peaceful, but when winters lengthen and the nights grow cold, when the food is scarce and Men lack for honest work, the good turn desperate, and the bad turn cruel. 

These are the tales of the brigands of Bree-land and those who hunt them. 

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