Brigands of Bree

None at this time
Founding date
December 2012; rebooted April, 2020
To have a fun, friendly environment beneficial to those who enjoy playing the more dastardly folk in Eriador. We also would like to draw more role-play into the countryside/roads of Bree-land.
Main area of operations
Bree-town and Bree-land.
Kinship type
None at this time
To be determined!
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


Brigands of Bree

From Trestlebridge to the Andrath and Midgewater Marsh to the Brandy Hills, the Brigands of Bree are a threat to all travellers of all stripes - even within the city walls of Bree itself. This particular kin of miscreants is more of an association of various nefarious characters in and around Breeland  with motives as varied as the crimes and misdeeds committed by its member characters. Ultimately this kin serves as a means of connecting the players of these characters together so that more collaboration can be had to create more interesting role-playing opportunities in and around Bree!



Kin Rules:

  1. Be respectful of other players in the community or kin, and their limits, both when RPing or chatting.
  2. Keep OOC and IC separate. 
    1. Meta roleplaying is not allowed. Also, if rule 1 is followed then IC actions or words shouldn’t be taken personally.
  3. Vulgarity and dirty jokes in kin chat are to be kept at a minimum.
  4. All members are expected to treat Kin Officers with respect.
  5. All kin Officers are to mediate disagreements between members and moderate kin chat fairly and in accordance with kin rules.

Criteria to Join:

  1. Be fairly active
  2. Have decent command of the English language. No one is perfect, but you will be expected to be able to write coherently.
  3. Have a character that fits the theme of a nefarious character type. For example, a brigand, highwayman, thief, con-artist, etc. 
  4. Have a character that is lore friendly and makes sense


If you would like to join or have a character you would like to have associated with the kin, message Blackbent!




Blackbent Blackbent, Michael Man
Corbray Corbray Man
Hurbert Hurbert Man

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