A Month in Laurelin - August 2019

August is the month of harvest and all over Middle Earth, crops and produce is gathered in preparation for the coming colder months of autumn and winter. The people of Laurelin have certainly been productive during this time...




Over the past month, there have been some great events that the people of Laurelin have taken part in:


Tales of Elven Paths ~ "Far into the past runs Elven lore, and even farther weaves our memories. We gather within the shelter of the ruins of old to fill them with the breath of life once again, to remind our kind that even as their fate within the realm of Middle-Earth shall end, the memories shall remain with them forever. To gaze upon the sorrows of days long gone, and to delight our hearts with the hope of dawns yet to be."



Summer Cottage Visit and A Staddle Visit and a Game of Tag ~ "The summer is nearing its end, so it’s time for a last summer cottage trip! This time, we will visit Tholpa’s summer cottage in Breeland! After visiting Tholpa's cottage on Saturday, we'll spend the Sunday visiting Staddle and playing some tag!"



Deorla's Treasure Hunt ~ "Hello everyone! Have you ever dreamed about being rich and never working more in your entire life? Or perhaps you just craving an adventure with your friends? Well, here's your chance now! Take part in a great treasure hunt and seek the treasure of the well known thief Deorla."



Late Summer Fishing ~ "As the summer is coming to a close, and the trees in the valley are about to clothe themselves in leaves of more golden and redder shades, a late summer fishing excursion, filled with mirth and merriment, is organized to the beautiful banks of river Bruinen to celebrate the passing of warmer days."



Additionally, there have been many reoccurring weekly and monthly events that have happened this month and will continue through the coming months as well - make sure to check them out, events are listed to the right of the page!


Writings and Other Stories


Here is a collection of adventures submitted throughout August: 


Ruevir rambles on in her old journal that she found tucked away somewhere, thinking about that which she could not remember and of the recent past, of which she could remember.

Jackilyn writes of how Elias gave her a gift and of her journey with him and another couple, then of how the journey did not go as she expected.

Mornenion makes a decision, after some contemplation.

Esmeron, after previously getting captured by the Boar Clan, travels with them through Dunland.

Blida writes to her father and makes a confession about herself.

Remdir finally sits down and writes in his journal, recapping everything he can think of that has happened since he last wrote in there.

Dimheim continues to write his travel log of his journey, alongside a group of others, to the elven lands in the west, to find some seaweed.

Beyrith has a rather sombre conversation with her mother.

Seraden returns home to her mother, checking on how she has been, then discussing whether Sera wants to leave again.


Screenshots and Artworks


Here is a selection of artworks and screenshots submitted this month:









Welcome to those who have joined the Laurelin Archives this past month:















An additional welcome to the new kinship Linnyr e-Galadhuial!




I would like to thank everyone for bearing with us whilst two of our webteam were away on vacation this month. Both of us are back now and so the normal service on the site has resumed. Those of you who applied for an account whilst we were away should now find that their accounts are now active. If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Article written by Gaeded - Laurelin Archives Webteam

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