Late Summer Fishing (elven event)

As the summer is coming to a close, and the trees in the valley are about to clothe themselves in leaves of more golden and redder shades, a late summer fishing excursion, filled with mirth and merriment, is organized to the beautiful banks of river Bruinen to celebrate the passing of warmer days.

August 30th, 2019
3 pm servertime
We gather at the Bridge of Rivendell [30.3S, 4.5W] to ride out together.

Event details:

The summer has all but passed, and busier days loom before us. Elves of Imladris ready themselves for a change of season, and busier days of the fall.

Now is the time to take advantage of the last lazy, warm and sunny days of the summer. Hence, a fishing excursion is organized, taking us to the beautiful banks of river Bruinen. And elves visiting and living in Imladris are invited to participate. An opportunity for much merriment and mirth, as well as fishing of course, and music. A king and queen of the day will be crowned, and dancing at the banks may close the event.

We gather at the Rivendell Bridge, and ride together across the High Moor, following a less trodden path down to the river.

A lighter buffet is provided as well as refreshment from Sogadan’s selection.

For those lacking skill in fishing, Haldúr in the Hall of Fire may be of assistance. Should you need a fishing rod, such will be provided by the organizers.

Participants are welcome to play music fitting the occasion while we fish and mingle.

OOC details:

The event is an elven RP event, that could be considered timeless. Should the rare visiting elven friend be present in the valley at the time, they are not turned away as long as they respect the spirit and format of the event.

The event is not a fishing competition as such. Elves probably never felt the need to compete in such fashion, and most fish would be released back to the streams. Yet, that doesn’t stop them from recognizing an unusual catch or exceptional good sportsmanship, hence, we will together crown a king and queen of the day.

We gather at the Bridge of Rivendell, and ride out through the High Moors, taking a path down to the Bruinen river, close to the Crumbled Cellar (Sara Oakheart’s burnt out old house).

We will gather there at the banks of the Bruinen near the Crumbled Cellar, a spot both of incredible beauty and serenity. The area has some few pesky lizards close by, level 38, but we should be able to care of them. However, next to the Crumbled Cellar none seem to stalk.

N.B. Please do not come on a canon character. If you wish to attend, do so with an elf of more “humble” origins. If in doubt, please contact the organizers.

Maedhrathin, Ealendil

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