Bíld Bóurrul

Name Blida
Embroiderer, amateur minstrel, student of healing
a very young adult
Outward Appearance

To a Man, Hobbit, or Elf, there's not much to distinguish Bíld Bóurrul from any other Dwarf other than a relatively short beard and a lack of thewy arms or even one scar. He's short, about 4’2”, and light-complected, with gray-brown eyes and dark brown hair that falls in glossy tresses, at least when he cares for it properly.


To a Dwarf's eyes he resembles a young dwarrowdam of only seventy, perhaps even less, with radiant features, a delicately polished garnet of a maiden. With a musical voice and heartbreaking face, he would seem as fine and elegant as any of the highest Longbeard ladies — save for the shabbiness of his clothes and the styling of his beard, which is overtly, aggressively set with the braids of a bachelor.


Strangers tend to find him warm, earnest, and friendly, if at first awkward and shy — far from the stereotype of a surly Dwarf out of the mountain. His emotions always seem close to the surface, and he laughs, blushes, and frets openly. When nervous, he tends to talk faster and to become even clumsier than usual; when at ease, he can be quite charming, as his first instinct is to give compliments and comfort.


He dresses rather plain — no jewels but masculinely-styled clasps on his ears for ornamentation. He carries with him nearly everywhere a scuffed old wooden harp, which he loves to play; he can often be found arranging songs for it. He also sings well, in a Dwarf-maid's light, clear tenor.


In a great hall beneath the Lonely Mountain dwells the Longbeard Bóurr, son of Bíld, son of Vald — a lame and ancient veteran of Azanulbizar — with his wife, Hróda, daughter of Hár. On the wealth of Hróda's renowned embroidery workshop they live prosperously, with a large family of three sons and one daughter, though most are grown and no longer live at home; the elder three are Blovurr, the silversmith, Maurr, the soldier, and Rofda, the gemcarver.


The youngest, it was for many years known, was Blída, the unexpected daughter of Bóurr's old age and one of the very first Dwarf-daughters born under Erebor Reclaimed. Not much seen in public in Erebor — jealously guarded and cherished by her family, which is not unusual for a Dwarf-maiden — she was nevertheless regarded as a great beauty, gentle and refined, with skill not only at her chief craft, goldwork embroidery, but also at her hobby of harp and song. Of Blída, Bóurr's daughter, this was said: a heart of gold, harp-strings of silver, and a voice of mithril — pure, light, and strong.


In the past year, though, many curious changes have occured at the Hall of Bóurr.


After a year's absence, Bóurr's youngest returned, apparently from Eriador, wearing the beard and styles of a bachelor son. He not only uses the name “Bíld” out-of-the-mountain (where, in Bree-land, Men may have heard a queer little Dwarf sweetly singing, or, in Rivendell, Elves may have heard of a curious young student of healing theory), but in Erebor, too, among Dwarves. These days Bóurr is too ill to leave home, but if asked both he and Hróda speak of their youngest proudly, and as a son.


Now, after a summer spent with his family in Erebor, Bíld son of Bóurr is on the west side of the Misty Mountains again.

father (Bourr), mother (Hroda), three older siblings (Blovurr, Maurr, Rofda)
no personal enemies. Orc-kind
family, music, barleywine, good conversation, making beautiful things
cruelty and suffering
to alleviate others' sorrow and to live as himself
"Er, yes... Doughty and fierce, that's me!"

Blida's Adventures

Letter 15: The return. 7 months 10 hours ago
Letter to Liffey, from the Vales 7 months 2 weeks ago
Letter to Lumina, from the High Pass 8 months 6 days ago
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Blida's Adventures

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Blida's Gallery