Name Seraden
Petty Thief, Burglar, Occasional Errand Runner
Young Adult
3 Long Street, Everslade -- formerly from Beggar's Alley in Bree-town
Everslade Community Outreach
Outward Appearance

Titles: "Sneaky Sera" or just "Sera". Some also call her a "Merry-begot".
Ethnicity: Half Breelander (mother's side), Half Dúnedain (father - unknown for now). She identifies mostly as a Breelander.

Height: 5'7"
Build: A bit scrawny and underfed but not without some lean muscle.
Skintone: Caucasian with a light tan. Goes absolutely pale in the winter.
Hair: Plain neutral brown. Gains highlights the color of chestnut in the summer. Always cut slightly unevenly just below her chin.
Eyes: Dark brown like wet mud with an intermingling of vibrant green in the center.
Voice: Young sounding with a slight husky tone to it. When angry and shouting/yelling it sounds particularly fearsome, as if her anger has some slight power behind it.
Scars: Two long, raised scars on her face (one across her right cheek and the other over her left cheekbone. Her arms are riddled with many scars from various knife fights. 
Clothing: Sera hates dresses and finds them difficult to move in for someone in her line of "work". She has recently gotten herself new clothing to replace her rags (courtesty of Carria and Rhody) and while she likes them, they currently look slightly too big for her. When she leaves Breeland, she dons an old, used set clothing she can move quietly in.
Other Features: She is certainly not to be considered beautiful but nor is she ugly. She looks very much like her mother save for the set of her jaw and the way she carries herself when relaxed, which is almost noble despite the fact that she was born and raised in the gutter.

Languages: Westron, a few words in Khuzdul (due to dealing with dwarf merchants), "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Sindarin (because she's heard Rangers use them many times before). She grew up mostly illiterate and is currently making up for lost time by learning to read and write.

Mount: A bay horse she found without an owner in Trestlebridge (the owner perished in a fire explosion during the first attack) that she appropriately named named "Soot".
Weapons of Choice: Knives and daggers that she frequently replaces when they get worse for wear. Occasionally a short sword if she manages to steal or loot one. A fair amoutn of throwing knives.
Misc. Skills: Laundering plain and fine clothing, fishing, card games, liar's dice, basic jewelry making, basic cooking, basic prospecting.

Personality: Sera is no stranger to danger and sometimes even courts it to achieve her ends, whether that be coin, food, her own sense of justice, etc.. She is sometimes quick to anger over perceived slights but is even quicker to laugh. She does not trust easily and will not reveal too much of herself to strangers unless they either have something she wants or she trusts them completely. She has few friends - though she is slowly earning more  - but those she does have she will defend to the death. At heart, she is somewhat of a mischievous soul and can't help but to take her amusement wherever she can find it. 


Seraden - known throughout Bree as "Sera" to her very few friends and "Sneaky Sera" to most everyone else - was born of a union between a poor washerwoman from Beggar's Alley in Bree-town, Arissa Sweetwater, and a Ranger of the North. Arissa would never speak of Sera's father to her, only that he named her after a friend of his through a letter that was sent after her birth. That letter has long since been gone. 

She grew up sneaking around Bree, stealing to buy her ailing mother bread and fighting ruffians, criminals, and even nobles in back alleys to survive and feed both herself and her mother as well as her own sense of justice. 

Her penchant for getting herself in trouble eventually landed her in a situation where she got caught up in the dangerous affairs that the Rangers of the North had with the darkness growing in the East. Though she didn't like it, she had to rely upon the Rangers to survive the ordeal. Eventually, when an opportunity presented itself, she decided to make contact with the Rangers and work with them to finally seek out her father herself, for whom she has many questions to ask. And maybe a few punches to throw as well.

She currently is employed by Carria and lives in a small house in Everslade.

Albra Lowbanks, Madge Woodsey, Carria, Rhody, a few other "friends" in Bree-town
A mother and an absent, unknown father
The Watch (on occasion or when she gets caught), anyone who threatens her friends, brigands, wights, and anyone who tries to attack her, to be honest..
Good dogs, her horse (Soot), ale, a good joke or jest, sweet cream, the color green, and the smell of pine.
Wights, Shades, undead things in general, most nobles, anyone who takes advantage of the poor, people up on their "high horse", being told what she should do or how she should act, and cauliflower.
To care and provide for her sick mother and find out who her absent father is and where he's located.
"Put that wight back where it came from or, so help me--"

Seraden's Adventures

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Seraden's Adventures

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Seraden's Gallery