Mornenion "Morimaitë, Celussë" Darkwater

Name Mornenion
Born in 4632 F.A., Mornenion is nearly 7,500 years old.
A little house tucked away in the corner of the Hamglen neighbourhood in Bree-land.
Outward Appearance


Mornenion is, compared to other elves, shorter than average. He is slightly thin, but has lightly toned muscles showing that he has been in combat many times. He has very pale alabaster skin, which seems almost sickly, but as an elf he is immune to ailments, so it is naturally that colour. He has dark grey eyes, which are usually the most expressive features of his face. His hair is ebony black; when untied it is shoulder length, but he is almost always seen with his hair tied up in a neat little bun. One would see him wearing his light leather armour, with or without his hooded cloak and quiver. He has a stange air to him, as if he is different from other elves, especially in his fëa. There are times when he will pop out of shadows and one might wonder if this is some Avari skill.

He isn't outgoing, but will speak when spoken to, and perhaps not in the most friendly way. He seems arrogant, but he can be nice if he wants to, though that is rare. He'll often be seen upon some high ledge reading and it is a wonder how he gets to such difficult places, especially carrying a book.




"When the Vala Oromë found the Elves who had awakened in Cuivienen, he asked them to come with him to Valinor. All the Elves of the First Clan and many of the Elves of the Second and Third Clans were persuaded to follow Oromë into the West on a Great Journey. The remainder of the Elves of the Second and Third Clans remained suspicious of the Lords of the West, seeing them only in their wrath, or they simply refused to depart from their own lands. They were after known in Quenya by the name Avari because they refused the summons."



Mornenion was born in the year 4632 of the First Age. His father-name is Morimaitë; his mother-name is Celussë; his epessë is Mornenion and the name he goes by. He was born in the land of Dorwinion, in the settlement of the Kindi, an Avari tribe. He does not speak much about his youth, though really nothing much did happen, being quite sheltered from the goings on in Beleriand. As he grew older, he met an elven maiden of the Penni tribe, who was visiting at the time. The two fell in love, settling down to have two children, a boy and a girl. Mornenion was happy then but in the times of Morgoth and the Fëanorians happiness did not last. He and his family were travelling from the Kindi settlement to the Penni settlement - Mornenion had gone off to look ahead, for the kiddnapping of the Avari to create orcs had been happening for a good time at this point. When he returned, there were voices, speaking in a foul speech. He climbed up a nearby tree and quietly moved to see what was on the path. His family, bloody, beaten and bruised, tied up in the middle of what used to be Avari. So badly he wanted to jump out and save them, but he knew that he would become like his family's captors, and what his family would be too. He just managed to go unnoticed, silent tears streaking down his face. He from then on hated Morgoth, but he was wary of going west and so stayed in Dorwinion, helping the Avari tribes from the dangers of the kidnappings. His biggest fear was to see his family again, but that ever happened, and although they are probably dead by the the present, he still somewhat fears it still may happen. .


A painting of Mornenion and his family (his wife Ithilliel, his daughter Morien and his son, Calithilion), before they died.


Eventually, he decided he had to leave Dorwinion, travelling west toward Beleriand, in hope that he could help there as the kidnapping of the Avari had subsided. He didn't get far: as he was making his way west he met a group of elves, who were travelling east, as the War of Wrath had ended and Beleriand was no more. He travelled along with this group of elves, following them to Edhellond. There he settled down for most of the second age, only leaving a few times. However, as Sauron rose to power, creating Mordor, Mornenion went west, to Greenwood the Great, where he was able to stay in relative peace. He stayed there until the time of the dwarven quest to Erebor, when the Greenwood had become sick and renamed Mirkwood. He wandered down to Imladris, where he stayed for just under a hundred years. Recently he has returned to Felegoth in Mirkwood, after aiding The Black Steel in defeating Domruth.



The Musical Box


The only ones Mornenion considers friends are Aeirillen and Cedwyn. The rest of The Silent Pilgrims and The Black Steel he tolerates, some more than others.
Those who belong to the Kindi tribe of the Avari, if there are any left.
Reading, researching, history, climbing up to high places, autumn.
That elves think less of him because he is an Avari, people being rude and offensive to him, his hood being pulled down without his consent.
To know as much as he can about the evergrowing past.
"You're useless without me."

Mornenion's Adventures

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Mornenion's Adventures

Mornenion's Gallery

Mornenion's Gallery