The last part of this entry in the journal reads...

The tree attacked us. Unhappy that it's bark was being taken, no doubt. We got pulled to the ground, but a female voice sung a song, making the roots free us. I have an idea who saved us and I am thankful for it, whether it be the person I thoguht of or something else. My hood fell down in the fight and I was too dazed to notice. The child however saw my ears and shouted that I am indeed an elf. I was going to leave the group anyway, for I had not found what I need and so would have to go further into the forest. Now that they knew, despite pulling my hood up as quick as possible, I decided that I definitely had to leave. Especially as they know him. Thankfully, he doesn't know this name, so him hearing my name won't be too worrisome. He probably wouldn't even care much if they told him they met an elf in the forest.