The Personal Diary of Miss Jackilyn Blackburrow, Entry Four & Five

Entry Four

I arrived at the soothery and Elias asked to come to the house. He had a gift for me and said that he did not want to be interrupted in giving to me. I had to lock the door. It were perfect, more perfect than them gifts before, though I love all his gifts. A small wooden box, and in it were the most beautiful yellow flower, wax coated so it would last, and a strawberry tart. It were gorgeous, the strawberry slices were arranged to look like it were a rose, and the tart were sat on this brown, bitter, and a bit sweet, plate, that melted when I held it, and tasted so, very good, the plate bit some rare thing that I've never had before but I forget the name of it now.  We shared, shared more that the gift and everything was wonderful. He makes me so happy. We danced! No blimming music but we didn't need it, and he were telling me of gatherings in Gondor that sounded like they were written in some fancy story book.  We'll have to be careful though, all this time together and the things we get up to? I think he's worried Missus Denton or my parents will walk in on a passionate moment.  Elias, passionate, I know!  We're going away and it'll be wonderful. Me, him, Fiontann and his lass Cedwyn. I've never seen the places we're going, and I'm so excited. Things have gotten so much better. I can't sleep! I'll miss Bailey, I'll miss home, but it is only for a few days. 


Entry Five

This was a mistake, I wish I never had said yes. He asked Rue to come along, said it would be good to have more hands, that she will be learning. On the cart ride to Buckland, she made snide comments, not many, but still. Then she hurts a little hobbit child?! Oh and insists on staying in the same room as Elias and I, even though Mister Fiontann had provided a bed in a room for her.  I lost my patience at last when I offered her some cheese and she said she were not a fat pig, implying I were.  She wants me and him to fight, to come between us.  It were a bad day, some hobbit girl is very, very ill and desperate for help, some misadventure in the old forest, so I went to try and see if I could help, in some way, learn something of use, and get away from the woman. after cursing at her.  I did! I learnt about the large tree there, a willow, and went to tell Elias. We found each other on the road then. He's different when we're not alone and I can understand, it's new and all but even when alone on the roads here though he don't want to hold me, my body, my hand? I were the only one giving kisses,  even if he said he is fine about folk knowing about us. He told the lass she needed to sleep in her room, she went off sulking, don't know where. I just wanted one part of this journey to be the way it were meant to be. Exciting, a bit romantic, time to be with each other. Turns out she is fond of him, he told me so. He doesn't understand why he should not hold her. He makes me feel like I am the one being unreasonable, but I'm not. It's not unreasonable when a lass fancies your lad, to ask him not to touch her! To ask him to make her sleep in her own room! To be angry when all she does is wind you up.  I want to go home. I still might.