Ruemax Wentworth "Bumblebee"

Name Ruemax
Merchant & Supplier
No Kin.
Outward Appearance

Age: First impression guess him being no more than Twenty Five.


Appearence/Face: His face has nothing striking for he is as plain as they come. His hair being fastened loosely back opened the frame of his face from all sides, showing there were parts of his beard he attempted to keep tame unlike those on his chin. He was not unpleasant looking like some persons here about. The expressions on his face hinted to an air of friendliness and even charm, for a smile was not too far behind when striking up in conversation. His eyes were of a woodland hue, with green and even brown vines finding their way into his iris'.


Appearence/Body: He was neither too tall or too short. He had what he believed himself to be a sensible height. Nor would he believe himself too thin or too fat. He was not a man to stress exercise upon himself to look like a champion giant of pectoral extremes. But nor was he against the occasional steak and ale pie. No, he was a happy medium. He had no scars to see other than those in his youth or during work. Though underneath his shirt, on his back, would be an old scar from burning.


Clothing: Again his clothing is simple. Depending on the season and weather he will wear what is appropriate. He does not recall wearing a piece of fighting clothes in his life. He had never worn a helmet or one of those extremely heavy chest pieces. But he did pride himself on having on his person a nice sensible dagger; one never could tell if it would ever be needed, the times were strange and unpredictable.


Dernwynn, Jackilyn & Tilton to name a few.
An only child, the last of his family died two years previous. Dernwynn his wife.
None that are worth noting. He strives to keep people on good terms. Gain his dislike and it will be obvious.
Dernwynn. Enjoying a relaxing drink with lively conversation. Walks away from town in the countryside. Making a successful sale or deal. Reading old books. People with witty personalities.
Bees. People with lack of integrity and judgement or common sense. Sleepless nights. Large fires
Several things.

Ruemax's Adventures

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Ruemax's Adventures

Ruemax's Gallery

Ruemax's Gallery