Linnatur Galadwen

Name Linnatur
Maiden of Caras Galadhon
Caras Galadhon and Lothlorien
Lais Geledhion
Outward Appearance

Standing above average height for an elleth of the Sindar, and cutting a lithe frame, the first thing one notices when looking upon this maiden of the Galadhrim is the brightness of her silver gray eyes that seems to show her Fae shining through, her long hair is mostly dark, but with silver and golden highlights that appear woven into the tapestry of her tresses, let free in her home, but sometimes elaborately made with plaits and pinned with jewelry or set with a coronet when at gatherings. In her homeland she always goes barefoot as to be closer to nature, and usually carries a flower of one kind or another to delight in it's bouquet, along with her ornate harp. Linnatur is always accompanied by a woodland creature in the bounds of Lothlorien, and often she will play for the amusement of her animal friends.


Probably one of the last children born in Lothlorien before the passing of Galadriel and the abandoning of the elves to Valinor, Linnatur was born on the highest flet and the first thing she saw at her birthing was the stars of Elbereth, and even at that young age she revered them. As a young elfling with her friend they used to climb the trees and spy on the wardens (though they knew they were there) and spoke with them a little, listening to their scary stories of orcs and goblins, trolls and wargs, making them shiver with fright! It was one such time she startled her friend and she fell from the tree and into the Nimrodel and was swept away, that night with tears streaming down her cheeks as she slept she appealed to Elbereth, Nienna and Uinen to deliver her friend to safety, however, in her dream a songthrush settled upon the ground near her and spoke, saying her friend was with Mandos now and holds no fault against her, she will be waiting for Linnatur to play and climb trees when she returns to Valinor, Linnatur in her grief fell silent.

As she got older her parents instructed her in the playing of a variety of instruments, deciding that the harp was her favourite, they were bards in their own right, and taught her much about music and how it is interwoven within middle earth, Linnatur remained silent but quickly gleaned all that they taught, seeing she was troubled they let her choose her own path and became very protective of their only daughter. Her mother was part of a needlework circle, and Linnatur used to watch the ladies chatting amongst themselves and eventually found she could soften surrounded by the casual conversation, picking up her untouched embroidery sampler, Linnatur began to gently hum and then sing in her native sindarin, the ladies of the circle smiled to each other with many gentle nods and covert glances to her mother not wishing to deter Linnatur after she'd found her voice again. The circle was soon turned into a concert hall with most of the ladies joining their own voices or flutes or harps and often all thoughts of needlework were forgotten so everyone could appreciate the fine music created.

A Harp is born.
Wandering in the woods singing to herself she came upon a stand of Malbrethil, looking upon the trees, she felt a voice in her mind suggesting she ask a boon of the tree, unsure, she wrapped her arms around the tree and laid her head upon the trunk and inwardly asked if it would gift her a branch with which to create her harp, the voice in her mind agreed provided she return often and sing and play for the trees as they too delighted in her song, and with that an odd shaped limber branch was shaken free from the tree, Linnatur took the branch and over the next few days shaped the branch into her harp, feeling that it should be all her own work, she painstakingly polished the wood into a burnished shine, using hair from her own tresses for the strings, one black, one silver and one gold, meticulously spun into one thread for each string, finally she decorated it with ribbons dipped in lavender and painted deepest blue, pleased with her efforts, the first place she played was at the grove to give thanks to the trees and show them her creation, she sensed the trees approved of her design and when she played for them the trees swayed in the wind along to the music and song.


Mother : Seril

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