Travel log 1: Entry 4

We've gone to and through the Shire. Had a small delay after overhearing news about a break-in, haunted mill and a fever spreading. There was promise of reward and we investigated the mill. We found nothing but sabotage and someone having drawn footprints in flour. 
While the bag of silver would
have been a good addition to our funds, there was little reason for us to get into Hobbit matters. Less so when every few minutes someone would talk about a ghost in the mill.

Miss Ruevir has been surprisingly well behaved since we entered the Shire. I feared more trouble, but she's been well.
I've found common ground with the woman and I think it has allowed us both to find calm. There's a certain relief to be able to talk without needing to hide. I tested my theory, I showed her what I had ripped out of the journal. It amused her and she asked more. No scolding, no panic and no worry, just curiosity. To be able to talk to a person like I did with father, it
was strange, but comforting. 
There's still a lot of work that needs to be done before I could say that she's healed, but maybe like myself, only so much can be fixed. The rest she'll have to learn to hide, to keep it buried where it can't be seen. Unless they know where 
to dig, like she did.

We've reached the elven lands and while they are beautiful, I find myself uneasy. It's tranquil and I feel no need to worry, but at the same time I worry more. I don't know what awaits me when I return, I don't know how to prepare.
I can't feel time passing here and I don't like it. This place wasn't designed for Men, feels like I could get trapped here, forget the passage of time and end up staying here for weeks instead of days. I need to be vigilant while here. I'm told the ocean is near, 
hopefully this means we'll return soon.