A Month in Laurelin - August 2019

August is the month of harvest and all over Middle Earth, crops and produce is gathered in preparation for the coming colder months of autumn and winter. The people of Laurelin have certainly been productive during this time...

A Month in Laurelin - July 2019

July has seen many sunny summer days this year and the residents of Laurelin have made the most of it. From the riddles in the Shire, to the tournaments in Bree, to feasts in Lorien and to faires in the lands of Rohan, as well as many other interesting happenings in day to day life, Middle Earth certainly has been busy!

A Month in Laurelin - June 2019

June is the mid-summer month of the year and with it comes many celebrations, meaning it is a busy time of year. Amongst the festivities of mid-summer, across Laurelin this June, many other events happened in the lives of the inhabitants of Middle Earth.

Everything is lost

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An Unexpected Reunion, Times Two

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Dear Diary,

Well, the expression "wonders never cease" is certainly true. 

Concerning the Watch

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It was early afternoon when Fiontann met with his apprentice, they talked for hours and he learned that some foreigners started an uproar against the Watch. Fiontann considers them useless, but it's only him that can do that, not those Outsiders that infest his town... After his apprentice left he went to his desk and took some pieces of parchment, in them he wrote his opinion about the matter and his support towards the Watch, one was sent to the jail, their Quarters and three or four more were hung in the town in places to be seen!

Treading Hooves Through The Riddermark: Introduction

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Nineteenth Devotion - Something Unlike of Minyelaírë

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Sorrow. Woe and Sorrow. I did not know how to respond once I heard the news that Vardarianna had been captured.
"WHAT?!" I yelled, my voice carrying over the passages of Tâl Bruinen, I shook my head in anger, "B-but how?!"
Minyelaire did not respond, instead staring at me, intently yet...-
A sight which I was never prepared for took hold of my thoughts. In Horror and shock, I watched, as the proud Kinn-lai Huntress folded herself in defeat before me, sobbing hysterically, vulnerable, exposed, and defeated.

Lore Banner

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News Disappears! Reporters Needed!

Roll up, roll up! Where is the latest news?! What are the latest rumours?! Noone seems to know! News is freezing up like the Brandywine River during the Fel Winter! All those with news for the masses are implored to direct it to ourselves! Marauding Orcs?! Lack of Crops?! Bad Ale?! Mysterious disappearences?! You name it, the people will want to hear it!

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