Deorla's Treasure Hunt

Hello everyone! Have you ever dreamed about being rich and never working more in your entire life? Or perhaps you just carving an adventure with your friends? Well, here's your chance now! Take part in great treasure hunt and seek the treasure of the well know thief Deorla.

August 25th, 2019
3PM server time
Bree stage - Outside of Pony

Event details:

It's time for Deorla to leave Eriador for a while as the things are getting out of hand fast. So she decided to have small fun before she will move to Rhovanion.

The treasure hunt will be a riddle treasure hunt. There will be 6 riddles in total, each riddle will lead you to a different location, from where you shall receive another riddle. The first person to reach the last location will get the treasure.


  • Everyone has  30m to solve the riddle, if you arrived to location too late you will be disqualified. If no one manages to solve the riddle in time, an extra 10m will be added. But if no one manages to solve it again, the event is over and no one gets the treasure.
  • Depending of how many show up we will also have elimination process for example: Imagine we have 20 players, only 15 will move on to the next riddle, even if you got it correctly but you arrived late before others, you still will be out.
  • Teaming up with other players and friends is allowed, HOWEVER only one person will get the treasure, if you arrive in a group at the last location you will have to fight between yourself until last one remains.
  • Use of the swift travel is allowed but milestones are not.
  • Ambushing players and killing them is allowed, after all it's a treasure hunt!


OOC details:

The event is set to be at Bree stage in 25 of August 3PM Server time. There's small chance of the date to change, but if something does not work out, it's something to consider I will let you know of course.

Deorla, Furley, Company of The East Road

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