Chronicle of Parables

This is managed IC by the scholars of Elrond's library, but contact Amathlan OOC for details.

A collection of parables, tales, metaphors, and allegories people want to portray in their characters.

Moonlight and Nightingales


Stories and other happenings that are not related to journals physical documents in the life of Ithilwe.

Amathlan's Journal; Recollections

Amathlan is the only one responsible for compiling the tales here.

A thick-leather bound book, old and weathered, that is tucked safely inside a trunk in Amathlan's camp just outside of Ost Forod. It is made of a mismatch of different types of papers.


A Finch's Memories

OOC it is authored by Finchley

A series of memories from the life of Finchley.

A Month in Laurelin - June 2019

June is the mid-summer month of the year and with it comes many celebrations, meaning it is a busy time of year. Amongst the festivities of mid-summer, across Laurelin this June, many other events happened in the lives of the inhabitants of Middle Earth.

Stories of the North

Wrote and preserved by Cerchennil

Endless stories can be heard in the North, from rangers that defend Annúminas in Echad Garthadir, or the healers in Esteldin. If you can find and befriend a ranger, you can hear their tale and learn of them.

First Drink in Forlaw

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

After we camped a few fours away from the skirmish, and got rest, we continued on until we reached Forlaw. It was the city of Wildermoore, where even in the wilds, there is always hope and civilization, or so father said. It was decided that we would count our supplies here, have some drinks, and tell our tales to all that would listen. For today, father deemed be to be able to have a small, small pint of ale. I was almost getting to the point of manhood, at least, I think I am. I'm mature, strong, and did just kill my first orc today.

Sheley's Adventures


Many of the Adventure's, Stories, Life Events and Deed's following Sheley's wanderings throughout Middle Earth

New Journal of Atharan


This journal holds the notes of the Ranger Atharan as he moves through the lands of Eriador to aid wherever he can. 

Memories of a Little Rose: The Faithful One

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Long ago, in the distant land known in the Sindarin tongue as Rhûn...


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