Stories of the North

Wrote and preserved by Cerchennil

Endless stories can be heard in the North, from rangers that defend Annúminas in Echad Garthadir, or the healers in Esteldin. If you can find and befriend a ranger, you can hear their tale and learn of them.

Legends, Myths & History - By Garyson Yarrow

Garyson Yarrow

This is a book written by Garyson Yarrow detailing, explaining and examining legends, myths and stories of the Middle Earth universe. What is written might not necessarily be the truth, but only what Garyson could research himself.

The Farmer and The Lemon: Chapter 1 ( AU story/ not current storyline)

What kind of Adventure is this?: 
The tale of The Farmer and The Lemon is a story of how a humble farmers kindness nurtured more than just his crops. First, you must know of the farmer. A Bree man named Threland, mostly a farmer and a drunkard. The man was almost never seen without a smile, or his wide brimmed hat adorned with a single, large fluffy plume. Then you must know the Lemon. The Lemon was not an actual fruit but an elf named Lamaenon.

Monsters of the Deep

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Having put in ashore on the coast of Harlindon, the party are enthralled by Linniriath's tale of a colossal seamonster!

Dance of Doriath (new song made by Achazia)

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

I read a story the other day.. About wellknowned legends.. It inspired me to write a song....


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