Name Finchley
Traveller and Adventurer
Early 20s
Knotwood Boarding House and Tol Lochúl are two places she considers as homes. But really, she also considers the whole world her home.
Outward Appearance

Height: 5'5"


Build: Wiry and thin with lean muscles. She has almost no bosom and barely any feminine curves. She is often mistaken as a boy.


Skintone: Fair though often a bit tanned by the sun.


Hair: Raven black with dark brown undertones. Always cut short like a boy's for convenience and personal preference.


Eyes: Clover green


Voice: Young and bright sounding. It is usually her voice that gives her away to be a woman if anyone assumes she is not at first glance.


Scars / Deformities: The bridge of her nose looks slightly bent to the side with a small scar atop it from when she broke it while rough-housing as a child.


Clothing: Wears a tunic and trousers as that is what she feels most comfortable in. She almost always wears a hat outside to protect her head and face from the sun or because she finds it fashionable or comfortable. Almost all her clothes are patchy, shabby, and travel worn and she often mends them (poorly) many many times herself before getting new ones. She has recently acquired "nice" clothing but still feels most comfortable in things that she doesn't have to worry about ruining. About her neck she wears a silver seagull charm/pendant upon a chain that belongs to someone she loves.


Other Features: Her features aren't overly feminine but cannot be called very masculine either. She has a beauty mark above the left (her right) corner of her lips. When she smiles, a dimple appears on the right (her left) cheek. 


Languages: Westron (written and spoken) mostly. She is currently studying Sindarin (written and spoken) on her own, when she gets the chance, and has been taught a little bit of Rohirric (spoken only - though she does need to work on her accent!).


Companions: A mahogany colored mare named Destiny; a very proud, loyal, and brave horse. Also, a raven she calls Galvra - though perhaps he had another name in the tongue of ravens once - who is exceedingly sassy and badly behaved but seems to only really listen to Finchley.


Weapons of Choice: A pair of daggers and a few knives gifted to her by Floid before he took off to adventure on his own. She has also been given a dagger by Xandilif, named "Iaew" (Scorn). And, not long ago, she has also been gifted a light sword, that was ordered to be made by Xandilif, which was given the title "Averill's Name" in honor of someone she lost when she was too small to remember.


Misc. Skills: Mending (she's spectacularly bad at it), fishing, cooking trail foods, foraging, writing, reading, navigation, basic wound care/dressing, knot-tying, swimming, tree-climbing, and singing (she's not absolutely amazing at it but her voice is not unpleasant).


Personality: Finchley is many things. She is optimistic but not naive. Care-free but not unsympathetic. She is always willing to try anything at least once or learn something new. She has always had a particular zeal for life and is able roll with the punches (hopefully, not any physical ones). She likes to socialize and talk to people wherever she goes and finds the unknown and unfamiliar endlessly fascinating. She'll always lend a helping hand to someone in need as best she can and holds all her friends as near and dear to her heart.


(Though she doesn't advertise it, Finchley is Panromantic and Demisexual/Grey-Ace).


She was found as a very young child, not old enough to go about on her own, on the old woman's doorstep. No one in town claimed her or knew her name and, it seemed, that the child didn't know her own name either. Being that the old woman was near blind, she mistook the child for a boy - and the child didn't think to correct her - and adopted her into her household, giving her the name Finchley because of her sociable and chatty personality. By the time the old woman figured out that Finchley was, indeed, a girl, the name had already stuck and the child began to call her "Grandma".

But she turned out to be as useful about the house as both a girl and a boy, helping the near blind old woman with mending, cooking, and cleaning, as well as doing all the heavy lifting and errands. On her spare time she often entertained the younger girl children in the town with fantastical stories of far off places she heard here and there. She'd also run around after the older boys, pretending to be adventurers, heroes, and different characters from famous legends told by an aspiring adventurer named Dewitt, who would eventually become Finchley's dearest friend and inspiration.

But her Grandma's time in Middle Earth eventually came to a close, as she was already old when she adopted Finchley. She left everything to her adopted grandchild and gave her blessing for Finchley to live out her life as she saw fit, only asking that she make sure she has few regrets at the end of it all. 

After a period of mourning, 19 year old Finchley sold almost everything including the house, keeping only a few precious momentos and personal effects necessary for living on the road, and used the money to buy a horse she promptly named Destiny, who turned out to be a rather proud, loyal, and brave sort of companion. She then hit the road to become a bonafide traveller and adventurer like she always wanted to.

Finchley travels the roads and beyond with her found family and companions. Though she has grown used to sleeping in beds again, camping under the stars when the weather permits is something she still likes best and having the road underneath her feet will always feel right to her.

Floid and Dewitt, Hawk, Maurr, Maddoct, Blida, Leoffrith, Taite, Xandilif, Xanderian, Addiela, Byrge, Eduwiges , Nethrida, and so many others. She seems to make a friend everywhere she goes.
Moyna of the Trév Gállorg - Adopted Grandmother (deceased...?), Averill of Breeland - birth mother (deceased), Bên - birth father (deceased)
Those who would harm the people she loves.
Travelling, trying new things, stories, ruins, fantastic views, eating, stars. Hawk
Nothing much. She's not overly fond of cauliflower but she'll eat it.
To go where no one she knew growing up (aside from Floid and Dewitt) has gone before and to be of help to those she loves.
"If there's something you admire about someone, you should tell them so while you can."

Finchley's Adventures

Finchley's Adventures

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