Amathlan Dagnirlhug of Evendim

Name Amathlan
Works alongside the Grey Company
Born in the First Age.
He has a small house he is repairing in the forests of Bree-land.
Outward Appearance

Amathlan is an elf of Noldorin heritage. He is tall by the standards of Men, standing at 7 feet and two inches (218.44 cm).
His hair is a bronzed shade of red, oft braided back out of the way and set with a circlet of elven make. His eyes are grey, as is common to the Noldorin kin. 
As a warrior, his body is corded with muscle. He bears many scars from centuries of battle and feels the most comfortable donned in armor and a cloak.
However, when the occasion calls, he will dress in formal attire.


 He does not smile often, and his brows are usually furrowed in focus or thought. He speaks very little, but when he does offer conversation, it is fluent and methodical.
He does not like small talk and would rather get to the heart of matters. 

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Amathlan was born in Gondolin, of the House of the Golden Flower, before its untimely fall. Yet, if one were to ask him where home is, he would answer with "the Vale of Imladris", or even "the company of the Dunedain in Evendim". Although he remembers fondly all of the places he has lived, and all the rulers he has served under, he knows that tarrying in the past will not help him focus on the present. That is not to say there is nothing to be learned from the past - just that he shall not linger in it.
The Last Alliance of Elves and Men was also the last time he saw his sister. She, sick of the bloodshed and the violence, fled to Lothlorien under the sanctuary of Galadriel, and he has not seen or heard from her since. Amathlan cut his losses and returned to Imladris, where he served as one of the guards. The lifestyle of defense wearied upon him, however; and as rumor and proof grew of the Dark Lord's return in the East, he took the opportunity to head north and assist the Dunedain in fending off the attacks of Angmar.

Until recently he had been amongst them permanently, undisturbed, free to assist as he saw fit. However, upon rumor of his sister's return to Imladris, he has decided to regularly make a visit to the Vale to report personally to Lord Elrond, and to search for proof of his sister. He has had to relearn courtly graces and manners, a difficult task when it was accepted for him to be brutish and reserved with the Rangers, as they were fighting for life and death. Yet, he considers it a worthy endeavor, as he knows he cannot linger in Evendim forever.

He had come across the Company of the East Road and decided to join them on their venture to the Rhovanion in September. He serves as a scout and a guard. Though he has made many close friendships there, the grief of losing his sister Mallossel is a fresh wound. He does his best to mind his temper and his tongue, yet he finds it inexplicably hard in the face of his friends - old and new. After a recent threat in Minas Eriol that led him and some of his close friends on a chase through Forochel, he went to Angmar on orders of infiltration. He returned from his fruitless journey lacking all courage and claiming any light he once held has been chased out by the shadow of that place.

He is currently presumed missing (or, Valar forbid, dead). 

   maedhros – Pagina 3 – nyarnamaitar"foolish, spiteful son of Fëanor" 

   "the fading sons of a dying race"

   "be a much harder target to kill"

   "you are more than that anger!"

   "like fire, you do not apologize"

   "believe i have earned his trust"





  • Elves of Imladris; Amathlan has a welcome and deep bond with the elves of Imladris, for his service both during and after the Second Age. He makes frequent visits to keep those bonds alive and to visit his close friend, Cardanith.
  • Wardens of Annuminas; Amathlan has served nearly a century amongst the Dunedain of Evendim and is considered one of their own. He refers to Evendim often as his home and misses it deeply when he is away for long. He is particularly close to the Dunedain of Tinnudir and those who serve at Annuminas, and he is trusted among the people of Ost Forod.
  • Lossoth of Forochel; Amathlan is a friend amongst the Lossoth; it is a cordial relationship, but one supplied mostly by trade. He knows only a few words in the tongue of the Lossoth; only enough to scrape by.
  • Men of Bree; He has a neutral relationship with the Men of Bree. He is only seen in the city proper when on business for the Company.
  • Rangers of Esteldin; He is considered an ally with the Dunedain of the North Downs. Though he has assisted them on occasion, he prioritized his work in Evendim over traveling through Fornost to ride to their aid and would let others go in his stead.
  • Galadhrim of Lothlorien; Amathlan shares a bitter, tense relationship with those of the Galadhrim. He has sworn never to step into the forests of Lothlorien again, and in turn, has been sent away and asked not to return to the Golden Wood. He will not speak on why this is.

Items of Importance:

  1. Gilith; A blade gifted to him by a dear companion, Thanuliel. It is steelwork from the Age of Gondolin reforged by the craft of elf and dwarf alike. The blade had been severed by a Balrog whip once before, but now glimmers like starlight.
  2. A star pendant that passed from the hands of his sister to Cardanith, and then to his own.  It is currently in the possession of Ithilwe as a token of his affection.
  3. A blue ribbon that he wears tied around his wrist or worn in his hair; a momento of Ithilwe. 
  4. A silver ring of betrothal on his right index finger; the band twists around a gem of star-white sapphire.

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Cuvallorn and Cardanith are his oldest friends. Seregrian and Celossiel are new companions to him, and he would fight for them fiercely. Ioranir, Cedmon, Dalbran, and Kavad, as well.
Most await him in the Grey Havens. His sister was recently felled in battle, and he is grieved deeply by her passing.
Orcs, and the vassals of Angmar remain the bane of his lingering.
To try new foods; the ability to forage and hunt for oneself, and to learn to make new dishes, is something he finds invaluable. He loves Ithilwe most of all, however.
Those who would willfully ignore the growing threat upon the lands.
To assist the Rangers in defending the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth.
"Stay until the sun rises."

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Amathlan's Adventures

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