Stories of the North

Wrote and preserved by Cerchennil

Endless stories can be heard in the North, from rangers that defend Annúminas in Echad Garthadir, or the healers in Esteldin. If you can find and befriend a ranger, you can hear their tale and learn of them.

Tales and Poetry

All of the works here have past the hands of Vagnur, either as writer, translator or collector

Combined here are the works of poetry and tales that Vagnur Goldhelm wrote or collected during his long life. While he is not the original author of all, the dwarf made sure that they found a proper place so that they would not be forgotten. Each piece is recorded here with the name of its original author if remembered through the ages, and where they can be found within Middle-Earth.

By Quill and Sword

Written by Lisbaeth

In chest under her bed is a large book with dark blue covers made of soft leather, pages are still empty in this time, but first paragraph was written by Lisbeth.

- And there as tale begins with first written letter, journey and adventure started with first step. -

The Poem of Tales

What kind of Adventure is this?: 
Let me tell you some tales in a rhyme
It may keep you amused for a while
Just forget any tears you've shed
For life is best faced with a smile
There are places so full of such wonder
All their tales are still there to be told
There's a tale of a wandering hobbit
Who lived in a comfortable hole
But adventure came calling one Sunday
So out of the bounds he did go
It's said he went searching for dragons
And returned with a chest full of gold

III - Combe

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

A few weeks went by before Eofeole had marched into combe at his usual quick pace, his shield upon his back securing his two spears. The sun was setting and had treaded into the Combe & Wattle, thirsty. The air in the tavern was thick with smoke but there was little folk inside at that time. Eofeole walked up to the counter and spoke to the Tavern keep.


Monsters of the Deep

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Having put in ashore on the coast of Harlindon, the party are enthralled by Linniriath's tale of a colossal seamonster!

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