The Marital Connection

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After Daphne first met her grandmother, the middle-aged woman insisted she stay with the family in their home. The house was very large and fairly lavish, but also held the whispers of memories of a time it had not been nearly so empty. Now, it only held Daph's grandmother, a few servants, a friend of her grandmother's and her Aunt Berarna, who was only around ten years older than Daphne herself and remained unmarried.  

Daph's Personal Journey


Daphne's personal journey to find and connect with her mother's family in Dale. She was told by old friends of her father, the city in which they could be found and the name of their mercery. She did the rest when she arrived at Dale.

The Bond of Blood

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Somehow, after losing count of the days she'd been travelling, Daphne found herself in the bustling city of Dale.
One would think that, being in a merchant Company, she'd be used to being around a lot of merchants, but this city seemed to be on an entirely different level. She could hardly move without bumping into some person along the streets, trying to force their wares on her.


Syllea's Diary


A small journal that Syllea keeps for her deceased parents. Just random pieces of parchment that she keeps grouped together.

The Heart of Eduwiges

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Eduwiges of Faldham was frustrated. She sat at a table in the corner of a low rent tavern just inside the walls of Linhir. Edu sat where she could see everything in the tavern. There was no way she was going to have her back to anyone. She was wearing light brown armor that sufficed for patrolling and roaming on horseback. The golden circlet given to her by Moriaith, the disgraced captain of the Imladris guard, was on the table in front of her.


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(Takes place about 5 years ago. Djeru is an older teen.)

Scrambling up from the ground, Djeru made a mad dive, narrowly somersaulting beneath the slow swinging blade of his opponent. The larger man, who bore a great bushy black beard and swung his two handed blade around like a plaything, gave a great bellowing laugh.

"Can't you sit still and fight?" He jeered in the rumbling tongue of the Haradrim. 

Scales of the Dragon


Djeru rides south to Harondor, to aid his cousin in gathering evidence on the treachery of the Firstscale, his brother, Djenji. 


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Here follows the Gwethnoss, the "Bond of Family", an oath of love and family sworn by two Elven women who pledge to be sisters in all but blood:

A Family Tree

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Artwork: Drawing

What you can see here is Eanswyth's family tree up to the third generation. This is simply because these members of her family will be the most relevant in any future posts and scriptures that will be found on this profile. See full image for better quality.

For more information on the names themselves, such as their history and origin, please follow this link. However, to summarise, below are the basic definitions of the names.

Own Work.

Thandind - A Day in the Life

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Two Elves sat perched upon a high branch. Garbed in grey cloaks, they would appear like two rock-pigeons of extraordinary size. If one had any hope of seeing them, that is, for they were March-wardens of the Forest, soldiers of the White Lady and the Wise Lord, and none could mark their passing - or perching - lest they wished for it. From here they could survey all who walked or crawled or slithered upon the forest floor that was their duty to watch.


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