The Black Steel

Founding date
Defend the Free Peoples
Main area of operations
Everywhere. The base is in Bree.
Kinship type
Those that seek to harm the Free People
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


After Fiontann escaped from Angmar, losing his memories, he studied what he wrote after getting captured, and learned about his past and his deeds, as well as for The Fateless Wanderers. Seeing things from another perspective, he saw that as the enemy is ruthless, ruthless should the Free People be in their fight. So he changed The Fateless Wanderers into The Black Steel, an Order with the same goal, but different in its ways and views.

Since their grand journey south, Fiontann passed the company to his successor and adopted daughter, Lieta. The young woman had come into her own, managing to get them to Rohan. Of course, she relied on her fellow companions and had begun to reorganize the company to keep them strong.

Upon the company's return to Bree Fiontann took charge once again as dark tidings reached him and the company was almost broken. Now he fixed it once more and with the help of Gaeded and Arthasdir they are marching strong once more.


Grand Master: Fiontann

Seneschal: Gaeded

Quartermaster: Caithryth

Huntsmaster: Cerriel

Sworn: Many

Disciple: Many

The House of the Order, which Fiontann used to call the Drunkard's Study is located in an unknown location and the Order uses it when necessary to meet and plan about upcoming expeditions. They can be found anywhere, as they take the fight into enemy territory, do researches, help folk and many more. The events are always within lore bounds but we're not afraid to play with the vague lines, never messing with the lore of course.

We are seeking serious RPers with characters that are within lore bounds, wanting to RP all over the map and explore all regions through various stories.

Must not be related to any book character, especially to those that play a major role, in any way.

Rules and Character Creation Guide for the Kinship.

OOCly the aim is to RP everywhere on the map!!

(To join one must first fill an application here)


Athlenah Athlenah Witheredheart Man
Boreon Boreon Flowers Man
Cadhrion Cadhrion Astarner Man
Caithrin Caithrin Man
Caithryth Caithryth Man
Cedwyn Cedwyn Man
Colvomir Colvomir Duskric Man
Eans Ean Eastwood. Man
Eldryc Eldryc of Mirkwood Man
Eliandre Eliandre Man
Esmeron Esmeron Blackwood Man
Feolill Feolill Man
Fiontann Fiontann "Caveman" Berengar (Morthwyl) Man
Gaeded Gæded Man
Gawck "Gawck" or "Hawk" Man
Grimhaleth Grimhaleth Man
Halldrin Halldrin, son of Halldreth Dwarf
Honory Honory "Hona" Ashby Man
Kaelien Kaelien Atterdale Man
Lheuwen Lheuwen of the Stonedeans Man


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