Name Aeirillen
Wanderer, Elven hunt-master
Outward Appearance

Hair: Long, wavy, red cooper.

Eyes: Grey or green, depending on the light.

Skin: Pale and delicate

Body: Slim, of average height.

Clothes: She's wearing comfortable clothes, most of them of human craft.

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A lock of amber hair falls from under Aeirillen's hood on her arm before she grabs it between her long and pale fingers. She wraps the hair around them deep in thought, before hooking them behind her pointy ear. Her face, usually carefully hidden under the very same hood consists of two almond-shaped grey eyes way wiser than one would expect from such youthfull skin, her nose was straight and narrow and her lips full and pink. A beauty as each elleth was considered to be. She wears simple and comfortable leather clothes, usually of human craft as she does her best to stay blended with the crowd.
If you see her smile you might notice that one of the corners of her mouth rises slightly higher than the other one adding her face a little bit ofa somewhat pugnacious charm.
Usually reserved and distanced towards strangers, to those she considers friends she opens up revealing the warm and empathetic side.

Skilled and experienced in battle, especially in the marksmanship she devoted most of her life to study healing and alchemy.


'Where do you want me to start?' she asked, leaning her elbows on her knees, comfortably placing pointy chin upon her intertwined palms.

'From the beggining, perhaps?'

The Elf was sitting about two meters from her, behind a small desk, on which patiently waited a beautiful quill, a vial of black ink and a roll of slightly yellow parchment of good quality.

Aeirillen smirked slightly. 'And where is that?' she asked, turning her emerald gaze at the elf, subtly raising her left brow. She pulled a strand of her red hair behind the pointed ear, now sitting straight, leaning her back against the chair. 'The day I was born? The day I got to Imladris? Or the day I left it?'

He shrugged reaching to the quill and soaking it in the ink. 'Lady Aeirillen, it is your decision. I am here  to document your past. I follow the orders.'  At the top of the scroll he scrapped her name in beautiful, trained handwriting.

She nodded and looked out of the window. the valley although usually shining brightly in the rays of sunlight was now gloomy and rainy, but she didn't mind. She loved such weather. She closed her eyes for a brief moment with a faint smirk, listening how the droplets drummed fiercely into the carved wooden window frames, and stained glass of the veranda they were sited.

'My father was a healer from Mirkwood. My mother a musician of Lothlorien. The Golden Wood is also the very place I was born in, and where I lived for the first decade of my life...'

Her eyes returned to him for a moment. the elf was deeply focused on his task, leaving a path of black marks upon the parchment, noting down each one of her words.

'... I do not remember much of that period apart from what my father taught me when I asked him to teach me the art of healing... And perhaps one or two memories of my mother playing harp. One day they decided to visit my father's friend in Imladris, sadly during the travel we've been attacked while passing the mountains. Most of our companions were killed, so was my mother, and along with her - died my father's will to live and remain in Middle-Earth. We've reached Imladris and house of Valthir few days after the tragedy occured.'

Aeirillen smiled to herself as she recalled the face of their host. 'I knew in my heart that my father cannot stay with me. I didn't understand that entirely, but accepted it. And so he left, explaining to me that I will stay with Valthir... And that was the last time I saw him.'

'My grief didn't last long...' she continued. 'Valthir adopted me and started to raise like his own, alongside his son - Veras. I grew into the family and it was where I was taught everything I am capable of now. Namely: hunting, survival, ranged and meele combat. I lived with them in Imladris for almost 150 years.'

'And then?' asked the elf, as he finished writing down her last sentence.

'Veras and I decided that we're not meant to stay in one place and so we joined the military group that was traveling the northern parts of Midle-earth. We've reached the North-Downs and Angmar, from where we were asked to head to Evendim and try and help the Wardens of Annuminas. We did so. But Veras did not make it out of an ambush...'

Although struggling with telling the story Aeirillen's face remained calm and indifferent.

'Were you two close?' she heard the voice of the elf.

'It was... complicated.' she said, as she continued her story. 'I have then left Evendim, heading back to the Valley where I passed the news to Valthir. I assume I do not need to explain that he didn't take it well.  He was staying home alone for months, and so I decided it will be better for me to leave. I think he blamed me... In a way. And I think it is understandable. And so I left Rivendell for about next 30 years. I was mostly wandering around but not staying anywhere long enough to call the place 'home'. Well, at least until I stumbled upon a traveling group with a decent cause. I have made friends there, as we were fighting and living together.'

'So was that a military organization?'

'It is hard to explain it properly so yes, let's make it a military group.'

'And how long did you stay with them?'

'About 5-6 years, I think. With a break in between when group disbanded due to some unfortunate events. Most of us got back together after about a year, I think.'

'Why did you leave then?'

She smirked caressing her amethyst pendant that she always wore.  'A friend of mine needed my help and so I started to prepare to leave. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to say my farewells. I was injured and needed help of a healer. I was taken to one by a ranger - my friend.'

The elf kept writing. 'And what happened next?'...


Foster father: Valthir (may be dead)
Anyone who can be a threat to her friends
rain, music, Evendim Lake, solitude, humans
Orcs, servants of Sauron
Stay in the Middle-Earth as long as she may be needed, then head west.

Aeirillen's Adventures

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Aeirillen's Adventures

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Aeirillen's Gallery