The Blackbent Family.

This is more-or-less, reference information describing his relatives briefly.

Father: Harold.

  • Appearance:Typical Breelander in stature. Stout in body with a rounded face, brown eyes, and prematurely graying auburn hair which he kept cut short.
  • Personality: A dour man of quick wit and industrious spirit.
  • About :Taught himself to read and write when he was a young man. He is a grocer by trade who runs a moderately successful store from the front room of their home. He loved his children dearly, though he always seemed to favor the oldest son, Benjamin, who he groomed to take over the family business.

Mother: Norma.

  • Appearance: Taller than most Bree women with a lithe body type and deep set green eyes. Her hair was long and black, typically worn up into a bun.
  • Personality:  She was of kind heart and joyful demeanor.
  • About: Norma was a seamstress from a family of tailors, before wedding Harold.She enjoyed creating colorful designs, often singing or humming a merry tune while working on said projects or doing house work.

Brother: Benjamin.

  • Appearance: Inherited much of his appearance from his father, having brown eyes and reddish brown hair, it was often remarked he was a spitting image of his father when he was a young man..
  • Personality: Very much his fathers son in temperament and behavior, though he was far more light hearted and quicker to laugh.
  • About: Favored by their father, and often worked in the grocery with Harold, learning the family trade. He was ten years old when Michael was born, and was often keeping his adventurous younger brother out of trouble.

Sister( or Brother): Unknown.

  • Appearance: Unknown.
  • Personality: Unknown.
  • About: Norma was several months pregnant at the time of Michael's flight from home. Which is why there is virtually nothing known about this person to Michael except an assumption that he does indeed have a younger sibling.