Free Peoples

The Tales of The Shadow Walkers

This chronicle is supervised by: Katrandil, Ornessar, Suoma, Gondorn.

To be edited later.

The Importance of the Resolution of Disputes

Eardhelm Hunwald

Eardhelm Hunwald, Leader of the House of Eored, discusses the benefits and importance of amicable dispute resolution between individuals and Kinships within the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

OOC: Fan-Lore for Dagor Dagorath, The Last Battle

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

OOC: Hello everyone! Inspired by Minyelaírë's fan-fiction of the Kinn-lai and the deserts of Harad, I will be bringing you a fan-fiction detailing of Dagor Dagorath! Now some of you may have heard, some not: Dagor Dagorath is a battle that will take place near the end of Arda. I will write it in the most tolkien-like style I can muster, especially regarding the Valar. Here are some Q&As on the known facts of Dagor Dagorath (In construction)

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