High-Commander Ornessar, Son of Ornessë

Name Ornessar
High-Commander, High-Commodore, Alchemist, Engineer
Born in Aman
Outward Appearance

Tall elf with very long gold-like slightly-wavy hair and grey eyes. In fact, his hair is over 180 centimetres in length; his height being 220 centimetres. His face usually looks solemn. When he is not wearing outfits suited for battle or scouting, he is usually clad in purple or blue. His body is fit and strong. He belongs to the kindred of the Falmari, though his hair colour may suggest otherwise. His voice is warm, ethereal, yet commanding. His aura is strong and inspires his fellows. He usually smells of lavender. 

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Accent: Much like Estonian

Languages: Native: Telerin Quenya, Ñoldorin Quenya, Vanyarin Quenya (Quendya)
                    Fluent: Perfect: Sindarin, Nandorin, Avarin languages, Westron
                                 Intermediate: Lossoth, Rohirric, Valarin, Adûnaic
                                 Beginner: Entish, Dalish
                    Can only read/listen/translate some of it: Some of the many languages of the servants, allies, and followers of the enemy, which he and the Gwaith i-Phadrar in-Gwaith once learned in order to infiltrate the enemy line and acquire information.

Ornessar and Calaerneth once also created a fictional language so they could talk by themselves without anyone understanding. Thus, those two elves are fluent in this language as well

Alignment: Neutral Good

Other Names: Amarthion, Hithfaeron, Nemirion, Fanyamiron, Elendar, Elendaer, Acharnion, Telperim, Shadow-walker, Ornession, Lothuialon, Gwathir, Laurindol, Leijona, Angmaran


With his left hand he often holds a heavy shield, and with his right hand, he holds a sword, or sometimes an axe. He wields the sword Naergon, but he may sometimes be seen with other elven swords. A notable weapon he uses is Gwaloth, a sword similar in design to the swords of the Wood-Elves.


When fighting, Ornessar might wear either light armour or heavy armour, depending on the situation. He appears to love wearing rogue-like outfits in his daily life.



  • Aduialeth (Female, white, usually clad in flowers and other plants)
  • Mundol (Male, dark brown, muscular, sometimes clad in armour)


He may be seen near animals, but by no means, would he keep, imprison or domesticate one. He is a friend to all animals, and they often follow him with no intention to harm him. Foxes and squirrels seem to be very loyal to him.



Ornessar can be a little over-protective sometimes, but always respects the needs and privacy of others. He is protective, progressive - or sometimes even radical, adaptable, clever, compassionate, disciplined, empathetic, gentle, honourable, leaderly, loyal, observant, loving, passionate, respectful, resourceful, romantic, libertarian, tolerant, emotional, easily angered, helpful, charitable, and has a big love for himself and his friends and family. If someone manages to earn his trust, he would let his body act as a shield for them.

[The House of Ornessë uses its own RPG system for roleplaying,  when needed.]


 Ornessar was born in Alqualondë in the Years of the Trees, and he is married to Calaerneth. He, his mother and his three sisters fought against the Ñoldor in the kinslaying, followed Lord Finarfin and then marched with Lord Fingolfin through Helcaraxë, while the rest of the House of Ornessë heeded his warnings and left Aman before the First Kinslaying. His father, however, didn't listen to him and was killed in the First Kinslaying. Ornessë, Ornessar, and his sisters spent most of the First Age in Gondolin (House of the Golden Flower). Melethiel, his youngest sister, was slain in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. In the Second Age, the House of Ornessë spread throughout Middle-Earth. It's also notable to say that all members of the House of Ornessë do not eat the meat of animals and sea creatures.

Ornessar [Image edited] - This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.Source - Made by Mathia Arkoniel

Ornessar and his wife Calaerneth in the woods of the Trollshaws

Daily Life: He is a Tirn (Guardian/Watcher) and is one of the High-Commanders of Rivendell. He may often be seen guarding the borders of Imladris or scouting the Trollshaws. Although, he is sometimes away, in errands outside of the Trollshaws. In his free time, one might see him playing music, walking through the forest, taking care of the animals of the Trollshaws, experimenting in his laboratory, or resting in Rivendell

Ornessar and the first members of the House of Ornessë. (From left to right: Nemirion, Menerosien, Ornessë, Ornessar, Alfirieth, Melethiel). IC a painting made by Ornessar. Made using Azaleasdolls' DollDivine doll maker.

Of Ornessar and Calaerneth: Ornessar met Calaerneth in Aman when they were both very young. They have six children: Nymerien, an energetic elf with silver hair, grey eyes and a passion for music, Rhaenyel, a gentle, darker-haired elf but also a fierce warrior, Pelrinnil, an elf with a passion for nature, Sílarathiel, a blonde elf warrior who specializes in using her swords, Galdaen, a silver-haired elf and last but not least, Tornangwë, a male elf warrior, specialising in stealth. Ornessar has also adopted the heirs of his dead sister, Melethiel, though their names are not mentioned here.

Ornessar, Calaerneth, and their six children. Painting IC made by Ornessar. From left to right: Sílarathiel, Galdaen, Nymerien, Calaerneth, Ornessar, Rhaenyel, Tornangwë, Pelrinnil. Made using Azaleasdolls' Dolldivine Doll Maker

 Yet Nos Ornessë does not only host the children of Ornessar; a large number of elves consider this place as their home, for the Heirs of Ornessë are many, at the end of the Third Age.

Of the House of Ornessë: The House of Ornessë, a successor of the family of the Ornelië of Aman, was founded by Ornessë, Ornessar, Alfirieth, and Melethiel, at the time the Men awoke in Hildórien in the First Age. Its only purpose was to reunite the heirs of the Ornelië under one flag and liberate Arda from every shadow that looms over it. As the time passed, Nos Ornessë grew large, and it housed not only the Ornelië but also other elves and elf-friends. Several of members of the House do not reside in Rivendell - and some have chosen to colonise other parts of Arda. Controlling a big fleet of trading ships and warships, and having so many diverse members, it is truthful to admit that the House of Ornessë is having at least a minor influence on Arda. No matter the distance that separates some of them, they still stay united, often exchanging mail, and also stay loyal to the leadership of the House. The leader is elected on a yearly basis by the members of the House. Currently, the leader is Ornessar.

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Concerning Naergon: Naergon, meaning ''woeful lament'', is the name of Ornessar's sword. It is an intricate one-handed sword of average length, made of elven steel, and adorned with emeralds. He has been using this blade since the early years of the First Age - though it only acquired its name after Ornessar witnessed the death of Melethiel, his sister, in the battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad, and this is the primary reason he almost never parts with his sword; when he's near it, he feels the presence and honour of his fallen sister beside him. He may sometimes be judged about this, but he does not mind.


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Friends: Ealendil, Saralethiel, Hithreniel / Best Friend: Pelmara / Allies: Eledhrim
House of Ornessë, Ornelië
Enemies: Servants of the Dark Lord / Rivals: -------
Nature, the Sea, Calaerneth, and his kin
Unethical treatment of animals, inequality, ignorant people, servants of Sauron
To aid the Free-Peoples of Middle-Earth and liberate them from the darkness
Quinganyanen ya umë ista lanta, macilden ya ilyë Eldar laituvar.

Ornessar's Adventures

Ornessar's Adventures

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