Death of a Huntsman

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Artwork: Drawing

I was sent a couple of old chat logs of past RP sessions, and got inspired by rereading one of them to make this. It depicts the events leading up to the death of the character Banorn.



I made this.

Failed Kidnapping

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One day a cart pulled by two horses and carrying various crates and two passengers arrived in Bree.  It suddenly became involved in a high-speed chase with two other horses.  The following is what various bystanders saw as the chase sped through the city.

Missing Girls - Melonee Townsend and Samantha Wakeman

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Artwork: Artscreen

Along with this poster, there is a small report about it next to the paper.

Source: (Wanted Poster) and (Character Dolls)


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Things were not supposed to come to this.

Stolen Fatherhood

This Chronicle is recorded by scribes working for the Grey Repository. OOC it is authored by Stigandir.

When Stigandir's wife suddenly flees Mirkwood, taking their six year old son with her, he begins a several year quest to find and save his son, as his wife's actions have set in motion events on a spiritual and cultural level she cannot have even begun to imagine.

Letter to Angamaytë - Draft

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Official Document


By the light of …. Etc.


My dear friend, I am most happy at writing to you for many reasons.  Business goes constantly progressing but the details you could read in the report addressed to the council. This letter is more of a personal matter.


Outlaw's Journal - "Ariagne Yarrow"

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A/N: Greetings Everyone. Some of you already know who I am, some don't. When I first made Adelainee I thought, "Oh, it would be so cool to play an Outlaw!" And you know what? Instead of going for the stereotypical Brigand that only cares about Money and running from the law I decided to add a little flair and colour to this new character ;) Adelainee keeps this journal, from an ICly point of view, to record the behaviour and her thoughts towards the victim's she's captured... interaction, personal opinions, observing the victim's personality.

A Journal for the Journey - Entry 3

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3rd Orithil of Laer, T.A 3018

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