No Return to Cuivienan?

The writings of Estarfin and Carnifinde (Danel) of Thargelion in the Third Age. Also of their mutual friend, Parnard.
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Estarfin, Danel, Parnard and others encountered. 



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Memories, travel accounts, letters, hope for the future of two First Age Noldor and an unlikely but very close Silvan friend. 

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Born in the lands of Prince Caranthir, Carnifinde (Danel) and Estarfin grew to adulthood in a time of relative peace and prosperity. To some extent their early lives were sheltered, and although they knew of battles their people had already endured, it was from talking with elders, or from reading books. All that was to change with the Battle of Sudden Flame, the Dagor Bragollach. Neither's life would ever be the same, and for Carnifinde, her dreams of a possible future with Estarfin were shattered. Though the two were born within a few years of each other, and raised in the Citadel at Lake Helevorn, and surrounding areas, they only actually spoke together a few times. Naively thinking they both had the Ages of Arda before them, Carnifinde never spoke with Estarfin of her interest or hopes. What Estarfin thought, she assumed only he knew. 


Caranthir, Lord of Thargelion

(Caranthir, by Miyota )


Shortly before the Second Kinslaying, knowing that both he and Estarfin would be among those of Caranthir's folk called on to make the assault to reclaim a Silmaril, Carnifinde's father told her that Estarfin had been slain. His intent was that she should not attempt to join those departing Mount Dolmed for Doriath. And Carnifinde believed him, and grieved.

And so it was that she and Estarfin lived through the remaining years of the First Age, the Second Age and much of the Third. Both were involved in notable events, but never the same ones. Her wanderings and his reclusiveness ensured they did not meet again until 3018, in Imladris.

Since then their friendship has grown, though both can be of perilous mood at times. Fire meets fire, and neither are as they once were. After Carnifinde's short absence from Imladris, without letting Estarfin know why she was traveling West, the two old Noldor are reunited again and travel new paths that may, or may not, alter the doom they face.

Now they are accompanied by a friend dear to them both; the lively Silvan Elf, Parnard, who has sworn to aid the Noldor in all that they do, little knowing what this may mean.   


The Dagor Bragollach. The event that saw the breaking of the Elven Leaguer and the destruction of lives and hopes and dreams. 


Battle of Sudden Flame (Retouch), by JovanDarkArt

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