Eyes of the North

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Safeguarding the North, both against old threats and new
Main area of operations
Kinship type
The beasts of the wild, their fellow Dúnedain, and a few allies across the North.
Those who threaten the lands of the north
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For our events we make use of die rolls supplemented by character sheets made for each character that will represent their strengths and abilities. These rolls range from twelve to four sided die, used to determine the success of many different actions and bolstered by the skills of the individual character.

Example: d12 roll for Vigilance, Ranger Joe rolls 3 and has 7 points in Vigilance. His final result is 3 + 7 = 10. Even a bad roll can be considered successful if the character is specialized toward a particular purpose.

Using a system as this allows us to practically build on the strengths and weaknesses of our characters and adds the thrill of chance into our story. Though it may appear daunting at first glance it is easy grasp in practice and we are happy to help.



(Each character gets 20 points to spend, max 10 points for a single skill. Through progression a character may earn a new skill point to spend)

Presence: Charisma, leadership, fast talking.

Lore: General knowledge, languages, intuition, research.

Medicine: Healing, Medicinal knowledge.

Willpower: Courage, resistance to corruption, strength of mind.

Vigilance: Perception, sight and hearing, attention to detail.

Prowess: Skill at arms, attack bonus.

Stealth: Ability to pass unseen, sleight of hand.

Magic: Connection to the natural world, affinity with animals, wards against evil.

Survival: Foraging, hunting, securing shelter, tracking.



(Each character gets 5 points to spend)


Strength: For each point of strength you may add an additional point to Health, and a bonus to your Prowess, Willpower, and Presence.

Dexterity: For each point of Dexterity you may add an additional point to Defense, and a bonus to your Vigilance, Stealth, and Survival.

Wit: For each point of Wit you may add an additional point to Initiative, and bonus to your Lore, Medicine, and Magic.


Combat overview


Initiative: At the beginning of combat each combatant rolls for initiative to determine where they will be in the turn order.

Attack Bonus: Each attack will be rolled alongside your Attack Bonus against the opponent's Defense. You must roll equal or higher to their Defense to score a damaging hit. Each point of Prowess adds to your Attack Bonus.

Defense: For an attack to land against you the opponent must roll against your Defense.

Health: This is your character's health, when it goes down to zero they are incapacitated.

Damage rolls: When a hit is scored a roll will be made to determine damage.

Ranged weapons: Roll d4.

Dual weapons: Make two attacks, both strikes dealing d4 damage. Those whom use two weapons suffer -2 in Defense.

Two-handed weapons: Roll d6. +1 to Attack Bonus.

Weapon & Shields: d4. +2 to Defense (shield).



(Each character gets two feat points to spend)


Weapon Expertise: (several options, one may be chosen at a time)

Shields: Your proficiency at guarding yourself by the shield grants you an additional +2 to Defense.

Ranged: Your skill with the bow allows you to fire twice within the span of a single round, making two attacks.

One-handed: Your skill at arms using one-handed weapons grants you +1 on damage rolls.

Two-handed: Your skill at arms using two-handed weapons grants you +2 on damage rolls.


Friend of the Wild: The animals of the wild are your friends, and respond readily to you in a way that may appear as Magic to others.

Vast Knowledge: Your deep reserves of knowledge allows you to roll twice when searching your mind for Lore, using the better result.

Commander's Voice: You may direct your friends to more effectively complete their tasks and draw the eye of your foes by your Presence.

Keen Senses: Even should something escape your Vigilance, your senses will warn you of impending dangers or things out of place.

Stable Hand: A dedicated healer may put their Medicine skills to use even in the midst of dire situations, whether it be amid violence or turmoil.

By Example: Your courage may be enough to inspire the hearts of others to hold fast, your Willpower may extend to bolster that of others.

Cloak of Night: Should you be on the verge of discovery whilst attempting to move by Stealth, you may make a new roll to remain hidden still.

Swift Tracker: Owing to your skills at Survival within the wilds, you may roll twice in your efforts of tracking.

Strong of Body: You are blessed with a hale body and add +3 to your Health.

Honed Reflexes: You are quick on your feet and react readily to danger, you receive +3 to your Initiative.

Gifted: You may add an additional point to one of your Attributes, with all the bonuses it provides.


Example sheet:


Name: Ranger Joe

Attributes (5 points)

Strength: 2

Dexterity: 2

Wit: 1

(Attributes add their respective value to relevant skills)


Skills (20 points)

Presence: 3 (skill points)+ 2 (Str. points)= 5 (total score)

Lore: 0 (skill points)+ 1 (Wit. points) = 1

Medicine: 0 (skill points)+ 1 (Wit. points)= 1

Willpower: 0 (skill points)+ 2 (Str. points)= 2

Vigilance: 8 (skill points)+ 2 (Dex. points) = 10

Prowess: 4 (skill points)+ 2 (Str. points) = 6

Stealth: 0 (skill points)+ 2 (Dex. points) = 2

Magic: 3 (skill points)+ 1 (Wit. points) = 4

Survival: 2 (skill points)+2 (Dex. points) = 4

(Attributes are also added to combat skills)

Feats (2)

Keen Senses: Even should something escape your Vigilance, your senses will warn you of impending dangers or things out of place.

Weapon Expertise: One-handed.


Defense: 5 (standard)+ 2 (Dex points) +2 = 9 (an additional +2 from weapon of choice: shield)

Attack Bonus: 6 (Prowess points) = 6

Health: 10 (standard) + 2 (Str. points) = 12

Initiative: 1 (Wit points)

Weapon style: One-handed and shield

Damage: d4 + 1 (+1 added from feat; Weapon Expertise: One-handed.)


Character Sheet




















Defense: 5

Attack Bonus:

Health: 10


Weapon style:



Brigferth Brigferth "Thongryn" Bramblefoot Man
Galheneb Galheneb, "Mister Aspenroot" Man
Laerhen Laerhen "Summer" Man

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