Through the eyes of a Ranger: Poisoned minds

We have been unable to locate Thorontir or Ulfey. It was thought wise to return to Bree-land for now and after a short rest I made my way to the town.
I found that the ravens had gone and so I can only assume their master as well but the taint that their master left is all too clear.

The simple minded are poisoned, their thoughts tainted and their actions foul. As expected from those tainted by darkness they have turned against the law of the town and eagerly encourage to go against it.
Lies are spread like wildfire and even those who were once thought clear of mind have been taken by this darkness.

I heard a woman speak of the Watch claiming they did not care or listen when she spoke of young children being harmed,  I later learned that these words were untrue, that the Watch has not ignored such a thing. Miss Arelie was the name I caught and to my surprise and disappointment it was Cesistya who encouraged distrust towards the Watch and supported the idea of turning the woman into a murderer.
It is hard to think that someone of her kin, of what was thought to be a stable mind, has fallen so low and allow herself to be taken by such foul thoughts and actions.

It pains me to see how tainted people have become, how easily their minds were taken by this person, this master who lead the ravens. The rest follow like mindless sheep.

I made my way to the jail house to question Adalbart on what I had heard and as I suspected the man has been placed under a lot of stress. He did not even notice me.
How could he when faced with another who barked at him and demanded that the watchman obeyed because he was a tax paying citizen, claiming that puts him over the Watch, claiming that it made him their boss.
I guess some do not realize that is not how things work but this man was upset, enough so that he could not grasp the simple concept that his questions would be answered in the morning to come.

All left shortly after and I remained after having gone unnoticed. I caught a noise further in the jail and while attention was not on me I made my way to find miss Brynleigh, the foreign woman who holds such ties in the town. I have heard odd things though none that would earn her time behind bars so I approached to question it.
She told me that she was to spend a night there by Adalbart's request due to a friend that she had to speak of. I wondered about her friend but she did not answer, I did not pry.

I soon understood Adalbart's actions and they were simple, to prevent those who passionately stand against him from doing his work. She understood it as well.
It was in some ways a relief to find at least one person who still knew sense and I can only admire her bravery and her understanding, she is not as tainted as the others.
Even so I cannot help but pity her as well. Not because she sits overnight in a cell but because she has a friend that would allow this. Rather than to come forth by their own means they put a so called friend between and have them live through such.
This friend of hers must be a true coward and foul hearted to force his friends into such a position.

But this is what they have become, hasn't it?
Liars, murderers, betrayers and thieves. This is what they have become, taken by madness and darkness. Their minds too simple to have resisted.
When orcs have become better than some race of Men then we truly have found troubled times. Orcs kill for it is in their nature, people kill because it is their choice to do so and still many speak of it as some act of a good deed and delude themselves to thinking that they are heroes for it when in truth they become no better than what they hunt. They do not become heroes they become murderers.

They speak of doing good, to bring justice, and yet all their effort and energy goes into rising up against the Watch instead of working with them to find and capture those who have broken the law so that these criminals can face the punishment that awaits them.
No, instead they wish to become a criminal themselves. Blinded by their own ego and foolishness, raising themselves above the law and make it their mission to fight and soil the Watch's name.

Our enemy has taken their minds and gotten what I can only assume was their plan, turn the town and make them act like beasts.
This community is poisoned.