Celonlinn "Linn"

Name Celonlinn
Ranger of the north
Outward Appearance

A formidable woman standing at a great height that reaches near or over two meters. Some speculate she has ties to the bloodline of Elendil himself, if only for her immense height.

Not only is the woman tall but broad as well from the muscle mass she has gathered over the years from both training and hard labor, enough weight to make chairs groan in complain as she sits.
Despite her appearance the woman carries herself with a air of a more cheerful nature, spotting a smile or a grin, whistling a merry tune and enjoying a good drink and meal when she can.

She looks to be middle aged with bags starting to form under her eyes and crow's feet at their side, age starting to catch up with her. Within her deep, soft grey eyes a different age can be seen for those with keen sight able to tell that the woman may have more experience with life than her body would give credit for. 
Soot black hair falls down to her shoulders framing the fair skinned face which only seems to darken the hair. Although bulking some with muscle the woman has not lost her overall womanly figure and in her youth she might have caught the attention of a few she walked past and perhaps even does so today!

On the index finger on the left hand she wears a dwarven crafted bronze ring.


Her kinsmen may be familiar with Celonlinn and her work. She has taken on training young women of the Dúnedain to protect the home and has over the years traveled to many keeps and camps of her kin for such purpose.
In some cases she's taken on young boys to lay down the foundations of archery and swordsmanship before they are set under another teacher who can teach them further than her own abilities reach. 

She married and gave birth to three sons, though a few years back her husband made the choice of leaving this earth, the man having been a good bit older than she and as age had settled in with him he no longer had the desire to live life any further than he already had, finding himself fulfilled and was eager to be given the gift once promised to Men.

The company, Belodin
Three sons; Edengal, Losonn and Nethrus. Adopted child: Curonmír. Late husband: Thalion
Enemies of the North
Her three sons, her homeland, her kinsmen, good cheer, a good drink and she still holds love for her late husband.
A good few things concerning orcs, goblins and their allies.
To train women to protect their home and make sure the bloodline of her kin does not die.
"It is we, the women, that protect the home and family while our men roam the wilds to uphold the oath and protect the Free People. If we'd roam as well our children would have no safe place to be."

Celonlinn's Adventures

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Celonlinn's Adventures

Celonlinn's Gallery

Celonlinn's Gallery