Galheneb, "Mister Aspenroot"

Name Galheneb
Ranger of the North
Young by the reckoning of his people, but not inexperienced
A wandering soul with no fixed place to call home
Outward Appearance

Young is the man named Galheneb (S. "Luck-Eyed"), bearing a chiseled, clean-shaven face and dark grey eyes that teem with the vigour of youth. Considered what most might think to be 'traditionally handsome', he stands tall compared to most other men at 6'2 ft, though of average height amongst his own kin.


The man is oft garbed in worn, weathered leather clothing with muted colours, the kind that one would be accustomed to wearing when travelling on the road. Indeed, though possessed of sprightly vigour and a fondness for small animals, his wanderlust oft takes him to places far beyond his kin's lands, where he will frequently adopt a more haggard and rugged appearance as the weeks pass by.


Galheneb was born with the first break of dawn in a small cottage hidden within the forests of the north. Named "Luck-Eyed" for the fact that the very first thing he saw was the rising of the sun behind the faces of his parents, the young boy would grow to be of a joyous, hopeful disposition, possessing a keen love for nature and the outdoors.

Growing uneventfully into the throes of adolescence and the relative quiet of adulthood, Galheneb followed in his father's footsteps and opted to leave home to become a wanderer himself, drawn to the nomadic lifestyle like moth to a flame. Wherever he wanders, he is often quick to befriend small animals, and his bright, sunny demeanor has been known to earn him teasing looks from his fellow rangers, many of whom treat him as a younger brother. Despite this, however, he is not naïve to the evils of the world, and he bears his duty with faithful determination, safeguarding the north from the threat of the Enemy.

In the lands of men, Galheneb is often known simply as "Mister Aspenroot", a humble logger from the north.

Few, the most of whom are usually smaller than a footprint
He does not speak of them
The Enemy
Small animals of all kinds, notably squirrels, as well as nature and the outdoors. Wandering where he pleases. Merry company, and a good, hearty meal and drink by the campfire. The fulfillment of the oath he swore to safeguard the north.
Anything that corrupts nature, being dismissed on account of his relative youth, the weight of his duty. He also opposes senseless slaughter, needless violence, and unwarranted confrontations.
Protecting the North, as he was sworn to, as well as his little friends.
"See the destruction that Enemy wreaks upon these fair lands - and yet, more often than not, it is the little ones that are forgotten."

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Galheneb's Adventures

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