Celonlinn's journal: Entry 5

It has been too long since I found peace to write with all that has been happening. The captain and witch are still missing and we have nothing except the knowledge that the captain went following The Star Rider and a large black feather found near where the woman's tracks ended abruptly. We searched Bree-land high and low and found nothing except one clue that has lead us to believe Thorontir made his way north.

With our numbers so few I rode to Ered Luin to search for my dwarf friend, Belodin. Amathal rode with me and we rode without rest till we reached Gondamon where I heard Belodin was. 
He was glad to see me and I only wish I had been there for a friendly visit. I explained to him what had happened since we joined arms against Sharku. I asked him to join our search in the North Downs and he accepted. If we have to search the mountains of that land I would trust a dwarf to know the rocks better than any of my own.
We rode out and managed through the Shire without disturbing the Hobbits too much and made out way into Evendim. There I met up with my kinsmen and a pigeon was sent with a message to the keep where the others waited, they were asked to meet us in Kingsfell in North Downs.

Our travel was peaceful till we reached the borders of the North Downs and I felt a sense of regret and dread crawling through my whole being. It was not the wisest of plans to attempt to make way through Fornost but at this time it was the fastest way.
We rested in Evendim a night and in the early morning we took to our mounts and rode through the cursed lands as fast as they could go without rest. I did not dare stop there, not even for a moment.
I felt the land pierce into my head, drawing out my fears and making my heart heavy with grief and sorrow. It was hard to over power but I managed to keep a clear mind though even know the dread lingers in the back of my head. I have yet to check on Belodin and Amathal to know if their minds are as heavy as mine or if they managed to escape the clutches of that land.

We rest now in Esteldín though we have not been welcomed. Our kinsmen here have fallen on hard times and there is still bitterness towards Thorontir from his last visit here as well that they still scorn him from refusing the call when it was brought to him.
In the past season many of their young scouts have gone missing and it has increased recently after the arrival of the ravens. It seems the large ravens we found in Bree-land have migrated up to the North Downs and now watch the men and women of Esteldín.

Here they have been slaughtering the other birds around and driving them away, just as they did in Bree-land cutting away our communication with them to further understand what is going on.
I do not like this and less so after I learned from Belodin that these ravens come from the lands of Harad. Why? I cannot understand it. What has made them fly such a distance to get here? Who are they following? We shall hopefully find answers soon as plans are being made to capture one of these ravens and question or at least provoke their wrath so that we may see who it is they serve.

For now we will rest and try to learn more from our brothers and sisters here. With the promise of aiding with the ravens they have allowed us to stay longer though I can still see the wary and even scornful looks they give us. This is not the way of our kin, something is wrong here.
Speaking with the women I have learned that the elder has grown heavy with sorrow after the loss of his son and bitter towards our captain after he took the orc to be questioned rather than giving a father a sense of justice. However there is more, this cannot be the only reason this place feels unwelcoming. I will have to speak more to my old kinswomen here and see what I can learn. My name still carries some weight around here after staying here few good seasons to train the women, they may talk to me more freely. I will at least hope.