Beridîr's return to Nen Harn

*Steadily a mare burdened by a slumped rider approaches the great door that encloses the dealings of the Dúnedain from the rest of the world. The visibly wearied rider's neck cranes up, his head lolling back on his shoulders as he takes up the reins tighter, muted words are shared between rider and Horse as the Horse slows down to a gradual stop. The Rider is at this point seen to slide off the left hand side side of the Saddle, landing heavily with an audible "clunk" as the various object adorning his frame interact with aged, stone-worked ground. His hands rear up to rub his face as various individuals acting as custodians to the Old Fort rush in to assess who exactly the traveler is, muted tones of voice raise up in pitch as apparently the identity of the Rider is made known. Calls of "Open the Gate!" "Bring out a Stretcher!" and "Ready a bed within!" are heard echoing through the stone-carved corridors of the aged Fort.*

*A grinding creak whiningly shudders through the well-worn halls as the aged and grand doors of the fort are pulled open by strong, hale looking Men. "Who is it!" one voice calls from inside, followed by affirmative shouts. A two-man team carrying a stretcher hurry through the door, and carefully the individual metaphorically glued to the floor is lifted. His right arm lolls off the side, a weather-worn and blotched piece of parchment slipping from his fingers. One of the Men on hand takes up the parchment and is drawn to the broken purple wax seal seal bearing no crest, it's intended recipient is anyone's guess with how the calligraphy entailing who the parchment was written too having long been lost. The man is brought inside and the doors are once more closed by those ever hale, ever vigilant Men of valour.*

*"Is.. I..." The form thrust upon a bed within the aged and well used infirmary utters. Not a sound breaks the ensuing silence as any would-be response is quickly silenced by one of the several present Brothers-in-Arms. Word spreads throughout the Fort that Beridir has returned. Worse for wear but quite alive.*