Celonlinn's journal: Entry 6

I am so tired. Rest is hard to find here in Esteldín at this time and I am not the only one who is has not slept. Many kinsmen here feel unrest and the night terrors have come to hunt them as well, just as they did the town's people. I have now heard it as well, the crying instrument.

We were able to speak with one of the elders here, Sídhén. One of the oldest of our kin that I am aware of and it was miserable to see him in his tired state, like most he had not slept as well.

It took time and careful words until he dared speak with us proper and it is then we learned that him and the others have been having these night terrors such as some of the people back in Bree-land. His dreams, his vision, it was troubling.

"An evil man and a woman, a king and queen of the north, traitors to our kin, possessed with dark sorcery and terrible, terrible beasts at their heel."

Terrible beasts at their heels. I can only wonder if these people from his vision and night terrors are the ones who hold control over these ravens. He spoke of sorcery as well, the cause of the night terrors?

I can't get my thoughts together.
We prepare to hunt and bring down the giant winged beast. May the Valar bless our hunt so that we may put an end to this madness that has come here.