Arostir's Battered Old Journal, 12: After the Battle of The Angle

I'm alive... This much I can say for certain, while we have found ourselves victorious over the enemy, I can not say for certain that we had won outright... Orcs are cruel and vicious creatures and made sure they murdered plenty or burned a few things before the day was through.

I departed from The Angle early this morning to scout atop the cliffs around the Bruinen, my heart heavy from the aftermath of the battle, it was not a pretty sight, and while I was motivated and inspired at the prospect of being able to defend our birthplace, I worry for the implications of this.... For the enemy now knows our whereabouts and if we do not act now, they shall likely send yet another force to outright wipe us out.


On my scouting trip, I found a most curious trinket in the shallows of the Bruinen, it was a fair necklace, but it was not of Elvish make, nor did it look entirely Dwarvish, the chain was of Iron and adorned in the middle was a bright white gem. I figured it'll pay a pretty penny back at Bree, but that said, I foresee that it may hold more sentimental value after our work is done...

I came across an old Elvish ruin atop the cliff, it was barren and its walls were crumbling, I sat atop one of the fallen walls to write this, as I look up I can just see the land of Eregion ahead, in front of that was The Angle, a shadow was over that place after the battle, I sensed that the fear and dispair from our people was great indeed.

I looked to my left and gazed down into the Bruinen, the waters were still and reflecting brilliantly amidst the morning sun, the Trollshaws was indeed a beautiful place, but they don't call it that for naught, for most curiously I saw in the corner of my eye a large and frightful looking stone troll which had been caught out in the sun, it looked quite like a crude statue... Though I know these creatures and they can be vile indeed, we are lucky that the enemy had not employed Trolls to attack our land, for the outcome would have been far grimmer indeed.


I headed back to meet with my kin, already they were discussing and planning their assault against the enemy, though several shall stay behind to attend to the wounded. The word was that several scouts had found the whereabouts of Sharkey, he resided in the swamps of Harloeg in the Lone Lands with a large force of Orcs. We had no choice but to confront him with whatever stregnth we can muster on our journey there, I think this shall be the time when Elves, Dwarves and Men fight once again, rather poetical of history if you ask me... It reminds me of tales of The Last Alliance, such lore was known well in Rivendell and in the lands of Nenuial, but to think I shall be taking part in such a reunion is indeed an honour... Though I fear that this time for certain I shall be lead to my death... I shall fight for the Free Peoples, I shall die for the Free Peoples!


We ventured to Ost Guruth in secret to call upon their aid, I sit now in one of the healing houses of this lonesome town and I can see the shadow outside growing darker, a storm comes from the South, the Eglain have agreed to join us though we are still outnumbered...


I can only hope that Garram succeeds in mustering the Dwarves of the North, I have heard from several of my kin that a Dwarf by the name of Belodin is the leader of a large company of Dwarves and they have agreed to fight with us, we can only hope they come in time... For the shadow of the South has challenged us now and we must answer its call else Eriador shall fall into darkness.